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Latest information about Xiaomi’s future flagship trusted to be called Mi 5 has leveled on internet through Weibo. According to information leaked, the Xiaomi Mi 4 descendant may be exposed in the month of July. Xiaomi Mi 5 will contain shorter five inch display and battery of about 3200 mAH while Xiaomi Mi 5 plus have larger six inch screen with battery of across 4000 mAH.

Xiaomi mi5 features

Xiaomi Mi 5 – Specification and Features

Processor And Water Resistant:

Xiaomi Mi 5 will surely be fitted with recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 along with 64 bit processing and eight central processing unit cores. The processor is modeled for genuine most advance smart phone user sense; this contains streaming ultra high definition 4K videos, first-class pictures with high battery life. Obtain prepared to carry your Xiaomi Mi 5 out for a party or to beach this period. With IP scoring of 67, the Xiaomi is attempting tough to create this mobile to be the top water resistant mobile in the world. Reports expose that Xiaomi is functioning truly hard to provide this mobile an attribute what lacked in previous phones. With the mobiles such as the Sony Experia Z range in the market along with Tata Cliq coupons, costumers are obtaining more utilized to water resistant mobiles. Waterproof mobile is the need today since you utilize mobile every time all places.

Mobile Playing:

With huge energy Xiaomi Mi 5 may save cash if you are deciding to purchase the fanatical gaming comfort. With a deadly mix of 4K High Definition video streaming and the gen Next IR blaster, the Xiaomi Mi 5 will at one time be capable to associate to ultra HD large displays via HDMI and keen remote control to offer you a true gaming feel. With adreno 430 graphical processing unit, a visual sense will be wonderful. For great performance, a Xiaomi Mi 5 will be fitted with largest probable processor pattern. The modern processor has a capability to convey all the games into little Xiaomi Mi 5.

Display and Camera:

With a snapdragon 810 processor, a latest Xiaomi Mi 5 mobile may be loaded with 2K ultra high definition display. Five inch IPS Liquid Crystal Display capacitive touch screens and Xiaomi Mi 5 plus with a display size of six inches with similar pixel thickness as that of Xiaomi Mi 5. Sources declare that Xiaomi mentioned about releasing the 20.7 mega pixel camera in late 2014, gossips denoted that Xiaomi would establish Mi 4 while that looks to be missing. Therefore, the best member for 20.7 MP camera will be Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi 5 plus so the mi.com can be used.

Other Extra Features:

USB 3.0 OTG will offer you the most lavish to change files quicker than before. The mobile will be capable to interact much quicker to external device linked which eventually will enhance the customer sense. This will likewise provide space to more other rate data transfer abilities. Xiaomi Mi 5 is expected to arrive with four gigabytes of RAM and three storage memory alternatives such as 32, 64 and 128 gigabytes.