Write Amazing and Well-written Essays that People will Love to Read with these Easy Tips

Essay writing is something you’ll be doing your whole life till you finish university. You’ll have to write essays countless times like for college essays, college admissions, university scholarships and, etc. These are the three most important stages of your life which you have to ace no matter what. And to ace them, you’ll have to perfect essay writing. These essays will determine whether you’ll get into college or not.

The most important thing about essays is that there are two types. Persuasive and informative. They both have different writing styles and writing tones. So, before you do them, here is some information about both of them. An informative essay is when you mention every possible detail about your topic. This gives your reader a brief explanation of what the topic is about and what you’re trying to say. A persuasive essay is when you present two arguments and will provide support sentences for both of them and in the end, you will support either one of them and will try to convince the reader to adopt your point of view.

Before you start writing your essay, make sure to read the instructions carefully given on the assignment paper because they’re given by your teacher and they expect you to follow it no matter what. So, don’t disappoint them because if you do, they might even fail you and because of that, you might not get admissions into the college as you won’t be eligible for their essay writing program.

The first thing you should do is draft your essay because once you’ve drafted your essay, it will be much easier for you to write the essay without taking any pauses in between. When drafting, you will be gathering all the information first and then plotting them in their designated paragraphs. Once you’re done doing that, you’ll give your essay closure by writing a conclusion.

Mastering essay writing can take up to months but if you practice daily and have the urge to get better at it, you can even master it in a month. But there is something you should improve if you want to get better at essay writing:

An extensive vocabulary is a must when it comes to essay writing. Any type of writing requires extensive vocabulary. Without good vocabulary, essays look poorly written, it’ll look like some kid wrote this essay. So, work on your vocabulary by reading books and novels or even watching movies and shows and note what kind of words they’re using, and then later after you’re done watching the movie, you can find out the meaning of those words and use them in your daily life.

Many students wish they had someone to “write my essay for free”. And you can fulfill that by contacting them online and asking them if you could write their essay. This will get you into the habit of daily writing and will also improve your essay writing a lot. You can even charge those students if you’d like to make some extra money out of your essay writing skills.