What Women Need to Know About Men’s Suits

Purchasing a men’s suit for the man in your life can be challenging if you don’t know these simple tips for choosing the perfect suit. There are a few great ways to get the information you need without having to actually measure your man and spoil the surprise.

Follow these tricks and tips and your man will be surprised not only with your excellent taste, but also with your ability to provide him with the perfect fit.

  • Find a pair of jeans that fit your man really well and take the waist and inseam measurements along with you when you go shopping. Or you can use these same measurement figures for online shopping. Also choose a dress shirt that you know fits him well; it will have the measurements you need for his jacket. Though if he were to go shopping for himself there would be additional measurements taken, these are a great place to start and ensure a good off the rack fit.
  • Check his closet to get a good idea what color men’s suits he already has, what dress shoes he has, and what dress shirts he has so that everything can be coordinated well. You don’t want to get him a charcoal suit if he already has two others that color.
  • Take a photo of your man standing next to you along so the salesperson can get a really good idea of his build and height. This information can be very useful in the hands of an experienced salesperson.

Having a good idea what types of activities the suit will be worn for can also assist you in making decisions regarding degree of formality as well as fabrics to choose. The more you know about your man’s habits the better idea you will have as to what men’s suits might fit him the best and meet his lifestyle needs.

A gift that is this personal and useful can be a really appreciated, especially if you plan an evening around the gift. There is definitely nothing wrong with turning the tables on the old gown in a box, and fancy dinner plans date when it comes to impressing your love.

If you are purchasing a suit from a store where your man already shops, you may find they have a record of his measurements, and previous purchases. Sometimes there is even a wish list feature for online shops that allows him to select things he intends to buy later.

These hints can be invaluable to you if you plan on purchasing something without him finding out. The more information you find, the better chance you will pick just the right thing for the occasion. There is nothing more wonderful than a gift that is extremely personal, and fits like a glove.

Men’s suits can be an excellent alternative to a fancy watch, a bottle of liquor, or other traditional gift that takes much less preparation. The risk is well worth the reward.