Why We Need to Write More by Hand
In our digital world it’s hardly necessary to write by hand. Even small children can type very quickly on keyboards or other systems. But does this mean handwriting will be replaced? Luckily not! Writing by hand is more important than you might think. In fact, experts believe that we need to write more by hand nowadays.

This can have lots of cognitive and psychological benefits. Are you not sure why you should invest in a high quality gold cross pen? Here are some reasons why!

Improves the memory

Do you find it difficult to remember simple things? It could help to manually write down stuff. According to a recent study, writing by hand can improve the memory. This happens because lots of cognitive benefits you enjoy while writing by hand. In the first place because your brain will be stimulated to work harmoniously with the left and right side. This makes your brain more accessible to think more freely and be creative.

Are you in charge to make notes while being at work or school? Make sure you do this with pen and paper. This will safe you a lot of time when you need to learn it later. By writing the information manually, you’ll memorize the things already. When you do this on your computer, you won’t memorize is at the same time.

Slow down

Typing is great when you need to write down stuff as quickly as you can. This does have a downside to it as well. In our current digital world we are working as quickly as we can. The quicker, the better. But due to this thought, we aren’t able to slow down and just think and enjoy the moment. We type as fast as we can and stumble over information. But when did you take the time to carefully write down your thoughts, think about every word and just create some headspace? Probably not in the last few years.

Time to change! Writing manually forces you to slow down and think about what you write. This will give some psychological benefits as well. By slowing down, your brain will be more open for creative thoughts. That’s why it can be used as well by certain events at work. Such as a brainstorm session.

Handwritten work is better

Most of the times handwritten work is much better than something written on a computer. Not only because it gives the writer time to think about every word, but also because they can work more freely and creatively. That’s why most jobs require some form of handwritten work. Just to challenge their employees.