Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet entails a series of sacrifices in the field of nutrition but also helps you relieve your organism of harmful toxins. See what products should be included in a meat-free diet to provide your organism with all required nutrients.

The vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, gelatin and other products arising from animal slaughter. Strict vegetarianism does not tolerate jellies, as well as some fruity delicacies and alcohols. It is necessary to remember that meat and meat-derivative products contain nutrients required for proper functioning, which must be taken in the form of supplements if you go on a strict vegetarianism.

Types of vegetarian diet

There are a few kinds of vegetarian diet. The least restrictive are vegetarians who do not exclude dairy produce or eggs – they are referred to as lacto-ovo vegetarians. The more restrictive vegetarians are those who resign from milk and dairy products (they are called ovo-vegetarians). There is a group of even more strict persons who eliminate eggs and any products which contain them, for example pastas, pastry and pancakes. An extreme form of vegetarianism is veganism: a diet which excludes eggs and dairy produce.

It seems you cannot go farther than this. You couldn’t be more wrong. Vegetarians can be divided into those who eat fresh products only (they are called raw vegans) and those who eat nothing but vegetables whose collection does not kill a plant (these are fruitarians). Do you think this is over? I don’t think so. You can go step ahead and meet the so-called liquidarians – people who drink juice-vegetable juices only. At the end of this road are sproutarianism enthusiasts – people who eat sprouts and seeds.

How to become vege?

Are you going to become a vegetarian? Exclude particular products from your diet gradually not to affect your organism balance. Remember not to turn into veganism straight away. Vegans should use B-12 vitamin and iron supplements. If you are unprepared but decide to reject radically pastas, pancakes and dumplings, you may suffer serious digestive issues. Start with excluding red meat, poultry and game from your menu, and finish with fish. Stick to this order if you want to avoid unpleasant stomach problems.

What nutrients should a vegetarian diet include?

A vegetarian diet should include all nutrients required for proper functioning, such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You can find them in pastas, groats, rice, cheese and eggs, as well as any cereal products.

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