When snoring is occurring frequently and you wake feeling less than motivated to start the day the problem may be deeper than simply snoring. The snoring might be a symptom, and indication of something much more dangerous that needs to be treated. Apnea is a common problem that affects the breathing patterns of a sleeping individual.

When untreated in extreme cases it can lead to death. This condition is dangerous and causes the accumulation of health problems over time. Essentially the sufferer is suffocating slowly over time as the airway collapses and air ceases to pass through. This problem can occur extremely frequently or only once a while depending on the severity of the condition.

Snoring that sounds like a snort or choking type sounds often come along with sleep apnea and these might be the only real indicators of the condition that your partner can recognize. The lack of restful sleep, however builds causing extreme exhaustion and emotional difficulties from anger to depression. In this case, snoring is much more than annoying and it is something that must be treated.

Depending on the advice physician, home treatments such as Provent may be recommended or the use of a CPAP machine might be prescribed. In the early stages the sufferer may try many over the counter snoring remedies, unfortunately with sleep apnea these treatments likely did little to reduce the problem.

snoring sleepPrescriptions are necessary to purchase provent and other therapies for sleep apnea, are affordable and can really bring about an improvement in the quality of sleep and ultimately the quality of life during the waking hours as well. Snoring might be cute when it is something that doesn’t occur often but when it is a symptom of a severe underlying problem, it becomes a constant reminder that ones health is at risk.

Sleep apnea isn’t something that goes away by itself, although losing weight may help to treat the condition as it is often related to overweight. Other things that can help are the reduction of drinking alcoholic beverages. If your doctor wants to treat your apnea with an at home preventative such as Provent or CPAP then it is best to follow instructions carefully.

The risks of not recognizing that your constant and long-term snoring may be caused by a condition such as sleep apnea are the potential for high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks or strokes and increased rates of obesity and diabetes. There is often also an increase in accidents that are the result of the exhausted mind and body and emotional problems related to the lack of quality sleep.

All of these problems significantly reduce the quality of living for the sufferer and potentially their significant other who is also not getting the sleep necessary for health. If snoring is something that happens often, especially if it is accompanied by periods when it seems you are not breathing are indications that a visit to the doctor is necessary because snoring is much more than snoring in this case.