What your website needs to have to rank in 2022

Another new year is just around the corner! Now is the time to start thinking about the most important features your website needs to have to rank in 2022. We all know that website technology changes. Requirements are going up, and you need to follow the latest trends if you wish to keep up with your competitors.

Purchase HTTPS/SSL certificate

In case you still don’t have an SSL certificate, you need to purchase one immediately. HTTPS connection is the best way to tell Google you care about the safety of your visitors.

Make your website accessible

People with disabilities cannot use websites like others. They have special requirements, and you need to make sure your website is equipped with all the essential features. This is already one of the most important parts of a website, and the need for these features will only grow in the years to come.

Live chat feature

There is no better feeling than connecting with a real person when searching for an answer online. A vast number of websites are adding live chat as a part of customer support. Even though this step requires more money and more employees, it is definitely a requirement if you want your website to stand out in 2022.

Scroll-to-top feature

We see more and more examples of parallax websites where the client just scrolls down. There is no need to switch from one page to another. However, it can be tedious to go back to the top of the page if you want to. That’s why you need to add a scroll-to-top button that will get the visitor at the top of the page.

Add your contact details

Website owners often leave contact information in the footer of the website or on the Contact page. However, the latest trend is to leave your phone number or another form of communication clearly visible on your home page. It is best to place the information at the top right corner. This allows your visitors to immediately know how to contact you in case of an emergency.

Build Google reviews

Google reviews will become your best friend in 2022. Customer feedback is always important, especially when it comes from a verified source like Google. That’s why you need to focus on generating genuine customer reviews as much as possible.

Focus on local SEO first

Local businesses are gaining even more attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are turning to vendors in their area, and that’s why your website needs to dominate your local neighborhood. However, that does not mean you should neglect other markets.

If you have the bandwidth and the budget, expand your business internationally

If you are already running a strong and stable local business, 2022 is the time you want to try and expand internationally. This all depends on the type of product or service you are offering. If you are selling to international clients, make sure your SEO satisfies all the requirements.

Start a blog

No one refuses free information, and a quality blog provides just that. If you start blogging, you have a high chance of attracting more visitors to your website. Furthermore, if you create shareable content, you will reach a large audience when your visitors start sharing links on their social media accounts. This all leads to an increase in your traffic rate.

Focus on customer engagement

Long gone are the days of static websites that only offer information. People now want to interact online. They want something exciting and engaging. Dynamic websites are an excellent way to inspire your users to take action.

Another idea is to create various polls and ask clients for their opinion or feedback. If we return to our blog example, you want your clients to comment on articles and engage in a conversation with you or your employees. This all shows that your website is constantly monitored and that it engages its visitors. The best way to monitor website activities is getting website monitoring tools.

Quality content is still high on the list

Your website will never reach a higher rank unless you create and publish valuable content. This means getting to know your visitors and understanding their needs. Whatever you are offering on your website needs to be a solution to their problems.

The biggest mistake people make is trying to focus on too many things. Instead, you should define a narrow niche and stick to it until you become the authority on that subject.

Implement the voice search option

Another website feature that is gaining popularity is voice search. People are often busy and don’t have time to type on the keyboard when searching for something. Furthermore, many of your users will access the website via mobile phone. It will be easier if they can say what they are looking for instead of typing it in.

Optimize your website for all platforms

This should already be a standard. You want your website to be optimized for all platforms:

  • PC;
  • tablet;
  • mobile phone;

You never know what device your clients might use. It is best to cover all options than to create a bad customer experience.

Audit your website on a regular basis

Since we know that ranking requirements often change, it is crucial to track your progress. Doing a website audit is a necessity. That step allows you to discover if any of the parameters are not giving expected results, especially when it comes to SEO.

The best strategy is to monitor and audit your website with the help of SEO software. These professional tools are made to track everything happening on your website. As the cherry on top, you can do full reporting and analytics on whatever you wish to see. Use this software to discover minor SEO issues before they turn into big ones.

What your website needs to have to rank in 2022 – explained!

Hopefully, you now have a higher understanding of what your website needs to have to rank in 2022. Use these strategies to reach a higher ranking and grow your business. As a key takeaway, remember to take it slow. Overnight success is too good to be true. Good luck!

Author bio: 

John Laughlin is an SEO expert and web designer with over 15 years of experience. He also runs a blog about SEO and aims to educate website owners and turn them into professionals with experience. In his spare time, John likes to read about new-age technology and science fiction books.