Calgary Stampede

If you have not heard of the Calgary Stampede before now, you should keep reading to find out all the details of this amazing event. It is a ten-day celebration in July that is steeped in history and captures the essence of Calgary. For some, this is more exciting than Christmas. It has been the host to over one million people to this event. It is a Derby, a music festival, a rodeo, and so much more all rolled into one. It was started as a celebration of the Old West. The Calgary Stampede celebrates and preserves the spirit, the culture, and the heritage of Canada.

The Rangeland Derby hosts 36 teams of horses pursuing the finish line every night of the event. Each of the ten nights ends with a show and fireworks at the Grandstand. The music festival portion hosts over 300 performers across five stages. There is a Midway full of rides to excite and entice kids of all ages. Stampede is a celebration of land and environment, and the agricultural events should not be missed. Stampede practices procedures that are friendly to the environment, including composting and recycling. Even the lights they use are designed to use less energy and preserve resources.

There are close to 2,000 trees and 6,500 shrubs on the property that are well maintained. They utilize an environmentally friendly way to control mosquitos with their bat houses. The food and beverage team donate any leftover food leftover from the event to organizations that help those in need around the area. The opening event each year is the Stampede Parade that showcases tradition, culture, and history. It is much larger than a parade. It includes 4,000 people, 750 horses, 40 floats, 30 bands, and over 150 floats. There are costumes and competitions that you have to see.

You cannot miss the food, especially the pancakes. Stampede pancakes date back to the early 1920s, when they were served from a chuck wagon. Now, you find public pancake breakfasts for free all over the city. These breakfasts are not complete without music. You might find yourself square dancing or line dancing while waiting for your pancakes. There all many different unique food choices that you do not want to miss. There is everything from fried jello to miniature doughnuts and everything in between. This event has something for everyone, no matter your interests.