Best Ways To Style Curly Hair

Seldom It is tough to make a decision on how to style curly hair. No matter the specific feel of your locks, curls can be both a curse and a blessing. Although it may seem at times to be more a curse than the former description, there are ways to work with it to make it the best thing that ever happened to you. You’ll be surprised what you can do.

First of all, figure out if your texture is more in the region of mega-curls or if it is more frizzy. Are your strands more like spirals and corkscrews or are they softer and more wave-like? Once you have these observations in place, you should be able to move on to the next step. Whether you are styling your strands for Prom or a day at the beach, there are lots of things you can do.

Here are some few excellent methods to style your mane. If you are searching for a look that is casual and easy to create, then do the following: First, wash your hair. Use your favorite shampoo, but instead of combing it out after you get out of the shower, do it while you are in. As you comb, be careful not to tear the ends, as this causes the strands to split and become brittle over time.

After you are done with the previous step, roll your hair into a towel when you finish taking bath. Leave it for a little while as you get rest and go about a few activities. When you remove it from the towel, be sure that you do not comb it again. This is very important. Apply a very mild styling mousse to the wet tresses and allow them to dry on their own. You’ll be left with casual, comfy curls that are free of frizz.

Maybe you are looking for a more refined vibe. When it comes to getting ready for Prom or even a simple first date, casual sometimes doesn’t exactly fill the bill. In this instance, wash your tresses as previously noted, but don’t comb until you get out of the shower. Before you comb, apply a slicking gel that makes it easier to work out your tangles.

When this is done, allow your locks to dry for a time on their own. When they’re sufficiently halfway dry, use a blow-dryer and set it on the lowest setting, on a “Hot” setting. Periodically brush as you’re going through the drying process. This will prevent an accumulation of frizz. If desired, spritz some anti-frizz spray as you’re drying.

Short Hair

When curling process is finished, rub some pomade or wax on both your hands. By flipping over your hair, apply the substance throughout the hair by rubbing your fingers. This will create a soft and loose curl. Use a firm hairspray for achieving a tighter curl.

Medium to Long Hair

A little more work has to be done on a hair of this length. However, it is possible to get beautiful curly hair just like in case of short hair. But often the hair at the top of the head remains flat while those at the middle and ends will be heavily curled. Extra curls can be obtained by leaving the iron for about twenty minutes or more, or else an iron which takes about ten minutes to put in and take out is the best option.

To obtain a much defined and tight curl, apply a hairspray in a downward motion onto your hair while wrapping your hair onto the iron. By starting from the front and moving back, hair can be rolled in one-inch sections. Next, the sides are rolled, by working from top to bottom. If there are any very tight curls, use a soft finishing gel or spray to soften them.

Another method for obtaining curly hair is to brush your hair with the help of hard hairspray combined with a softening gel to soften the curls and achieve an elegant and more sensual look to your appearance.

Finally, your natural curls should be shining through. Take a large-barrel curling iron and touch up the front and back of your tresses. Define with a bit of hairspray. Only comb through the top, thus preventing taking out any extra spring in the curls. You may then pin back the right or left part with a sparkly flower or add lift with a barrette or headband. It’s that easy. Also check peruvian hair sale for hair styles.