Best Ways To Remove Leaves From Your Yard

Unless you live in a desert or at the North Pole, chances are you will have to deal with dead leaves during the fall season. Sure, you can leave them around, but they will kill the appearance of your yard.

They might be organic and decompose naturally, yet they will still affect the appearance of your lawn and its color in the long run – not to mention staining the driveway or other covered surfaces. Now, what are the best ways to remove leaves from your yard?

Using a Backpack Blower

The backpack blower is a professional’s most common option. If experienced people use it, there must be something good about it. A backpack blower goes on your back, so you do not have to move it around by hand. It is small, compact, convenient and extremely easy to use. Simply blow everything in one corner, then you can get all the debris away with a rake or a shovel.

Powerful backpack blowers come in more varieties. Some of them are electric, while others run on gas. Electric blowers can be corded or cordless. Small features also make the difference between one product and another. One thing is for sure – the size of your yard is what defines the size and capacity of the blower before making a purchase.

Using a Leaf Vacuum

Leaf vacuums are quite popular too, but far from backpack blower. If you think about it, they should be more efficient – they come with their own recipients, so everything goes inside. You do not have to rake stuff away and gather it together, but just walk around the lawn with this big thing grabbing everything that looks bad.

The main problem of a leaf vacuum is that it will never be as powerful as a blower. A blower will blow wet and sticky leaves away without too much hassle. Sucking everything inside is less likely to work, so efficiency is a problem. At the same time, make sure you are in good physical condition because that recipient gets heavy after a while.

Using a Classic Rake

The classic rake can be quite efficient if you want to remove leaves from your yard while having a workout. It saves time, as well as the money for a gym subscription. It is the old fashioned way to clean a yard, before electric tools became widely available. The good news is it will get the job done and it allows you to get small things that some tools may not be able to.

The bad news is you will probably have to break your back over a couple of days, depending on the size of your yard. It will take time and it will work you out. It is a good choice if you have a small yard covering 50 square feet, but anything bigger than that needs an electrical tool.


In the end, you do have options when it comes to cleaning your yard. Try finding a middle solution between comfort and efficiency and there is no way you can fail.