IPL games have caught the attention of cricket lovers across the world because of their format. You can now play IPL fantasy league on your devices by registering on the website online or downloading the app on your device. You can choose the best players and create best teams when you play on these apps. You also have a chance of winning money, get prizes, and rewards for as many matches as you play on these apps.

Track performance

Performance is a crucial factor to look at when it comes to choosing players. Choose the best performers to get more points and win the game. You can also choose performers who have been consistent in delivering results. You can choose fantasy cricket tips to choose the best players for the matches and contests you choose. Pick players who are active and in form for all the current matches. It is good to avoid players who are not active or have not performed in previous sessions.

All rounders

Have a few all rounders and choose them as captain and vice captain. This is a winning strategy you can have for any game. You have the option of choosing all rounders from any country. This makes it easier for you to get more points and lets you get closer to winning most of the matches and tournaments you choose.


It is essential to research all of your players and know which matches you must choose so you have a better chance of winning. Do a thorough research about every aspect of the game so you know if you must choose a match or a tournament.


Ensure that the players you choose are available to play. One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is to choose unavailable players. It is easy to know the availability of the players before you choose them for the game. It is handy to get this information before you lock in the teams you want to play with.

Choose players as per the platform

You must choose players who are suitable for various games. Not every player is suitable for playing the same game. It is good to choose multiple players and multiple teams so you can play different matches and win more prizes.


Choose players who have a good reputation so you know you are having reliable people on your team. This is the best strategy you can use so there is less to predict and you can play the game with certainty of winning.


IPL games are one of the most interesting games you can play online. Millions of users understand these games, win money and prizes. Understand the rules of the game to start playing them. You can device umpteen strategies and play these games having complete control over making a choice of choosing the teams as well as the games. You can develop a better understanding of ipl league cricket playing these games.