Maternity Pillow

Excited that you are pregnant right? Well, that is understandable as this is usually one of the most exciting moments in the life of a woman.

The nine months you will be carrying that human being will not be easy though. The baby in your womb needs a lot of care as well as yourself. Every mother works to ensure that her baby is safe. They will work to give the necessary support and nourishment required until the baby comes.

Physical harm externally is something that a mother needs to be wary of as well. Apart from giving your baby the nourishment, give it protection from physical injury. You might not know what is happening inside the womb, but improper handling of your pregnancy may bring fatal results.

It is vital for a mother to stay in an environment that is both physically and psychologically safe. She has to be comfortable, for the comfort of her unborn child. As the months draw nearer, so does the need to be an extra careful increase.

The sleeping position is one of the aspects that need serious consideration. Many couples spend the sleepless night during the period. They all want to ensure that the mother does not sleep in awkward positions that might affect the baby.

The normal mattresses are not designed to handle pregnancy very well. It is therefore upon the mother to find a solution that is just right for her and the mother.

Pregnancy body pillow comes in handy for this reason. They act as a solution to enhance the sleeping position of the mother.

They will not be useful though if you don’t learn the best approach using them. You may think you are doing the right thing when in real sense you are causing more harm.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is also referred to as a maternity pillow. It is a type of pillow that is specifically designed to offer support to the changing shape and curves during pregnancy. By doing so, the pillows support various sleeping positions. Consider the pillows a safety belt when driving on a delicate highway.

The pillows are designed to offer support for every part of the body. This means they are not like the normal pillows that only focus on supporting the neck. They are therefore much longer and softer than other pillows.

The pillows are very useful and necessary in the later months of the pregnancy. A mother should be able to get best pregnancy pillow, for maximum benefits.

What are the benefits of using pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows have a wide array of benefits to the mother and the baby. Consider the following four benefits.

  • They provide comfort to body aches and pains. One of the areas that are most painful for a pregnant woman is the back. The pressure applied from the extra weight of the child is not something light. After a long day, the nights can even be longer. For this reason, the pregnancy pillows come in to apply the right amount of pressure and reduce pain.
  • Enhanced circulation of blood. A pregnant mother needs proper blood flow. And that is enhanced by a proper sleeping position. Normal mattresses will definitely make it hard for them which; brings in the maternity pillows to make the situation lighter. Sleeping on the sideways, for example, can be uncomfortable for the baby, but the pillow will make it comfortable.
  • Longer sleeping hours. The quality of sleep is defined by not how much you stay in bed but how long you get a shut eye. The pillows give longer sleeping hours to the mother.
  • Helps after delivery as well. After delivery, mama will still need to sleep comfortably to readjust there body.

When should you start using the pregnancy pillows?

There is actually not fixed timing to start using the pillows. However, the mother should be sure to consider proper timing. The moment you start feeling uncomfortable in your sleep during pregnancy, that is the right time to consider using the pillows. At about 20 weeks during pregnancy, the tummy will start expanding and your weight will seem to increase. The pillows will give your proper support from here.

What are the different types of maternity pillows?

There are several types of pillows. They come in different shapes and sizes. The choice will depend on your preference and the tips we provide further in this guide.

The following are the common types.

  • Pregnancy wedge pillow that can be placed under the tummy or behind the back for support.
  • Full-length pregnancy pillow designed to hug and cuddle.
  • Total body pregnancy pillow ideal during the last trimester. There are two types: C-shaped and U-shaped.

How do you choose the right pillow?

Choosing the right pillow is everything for you. The very first thing to consider is cleanness. It is vital that the pillow remains clean throughout the period. Use the following tips to chose the right pillow.

  • The cover should come off easily

You will need to be cleaning the pillow from time to time. A removable cover is, therefore, more convenient.

  • Know the feeling in the pillow

There are different materials used for feeling up pillows. They filling have a huge impact on the level of comfort you receive. Common filling materials include:

  • Polyester fibre filling
  • Styrofoam ball filling
  • Filling of micro beads
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Buckwheat filled pillow
  • Therapeutic pillow ( highly recommended)
  • Pillow with organic filling

– The pillow size

The bigger the better; they occupy more space and can give more support.

  • Noise and smell of the pillow

There are some pillows that make noise when you move around. If you don’t like that, leave them.

  • Softness

The essence of using a pregnancy pillow is to have comfort. The pillow should be of the right firmness.

  • Hypoallergenic pillows

For those susceptible to allergies from dust, this is the best choice.

  • The pillow should match body type and sleeping position.

Consider a pillow made for you. There are pillows for a plus-sized woman, petite women, stomach sleepers, and women pregnant with twins.

You should be able to find a pillow ideal for you. This guide is aimed at ensuring that you remain comfortable during the entire period you are pregnant.

Author Bio: Katy Hill has worked with great doctors who have experience in dealing with the problems of pregnant ladies. To overcome such issues, she came up with the idea of creating pregnancy body pillows. This Katy Hill`s product gives comfort to mothers so that they can be comfortable all day and feel all the love and affection in their pregnancy. These entire body pillow for pregnancy that we provide are organic in nature and they support the whole body parts like neck, spine, tummy etc.