Travel across Countries Staying at Home with Livebeam

Livebeam is a modern streaming platform that allows you to explore the world without going anywhere. Our streamers from different countries can tell you more about their culture, language, or anything else that interests you. You can also make friends from all over the world to get to know them better and explore their culture in detail.

Sometimes you feel like you don’t get enough information from a chosen resource, like a Livebeam stream. Or you want to try some new ways of exploring our world online. Modern technologies allow us to do a lot from our house, so here are a few ideas of what you can do to travel across the countries while staying at home.

Explore Google Maps

Google Maps is a great website to travel around the world without leaving your bed. You can choose a random spot to explore or search for a specific destination. Here you can find photos of that place, panoramic views, reviews from some visitors (you can find some funny ones), and many other things. 

Livebeam team also found another service by Google for exploring our world online. It is a Google Arts & Culture website. It will give you a tour around a city or a museum of your choice. It also offers a lot of artwork to look at online.

Discover positive news

There are various positive news websites you can find online. Getting to know some of the news from there will make you smile and educate you about the current state of things in other countries as well.

Watch Livebeam streamers

Our community is very diverse. Streamers from all over the world share their traveling and everyday life moments live. You can find someone who streams their trips – behind-the-scenes processes, wonderful views, and meetings with locals.

Find fun travel websites

There are various websites dedicated to traveling the world without leaving your house other than social networks like Livebeam. For example, Geoguessr will drop you at a random place on Earth, and you will have to guess where it is. There is also a website that broadcasts a video of driving around a city (you can choose one from a list). It plays along with a radio recording from that city as well. This service will let you dive into the vibe of a city of your choice.

Modern technologies give you infinite opportunities to explore our world and travel to different countries without leaving your bed. Sign up for a free profile on Livebeam today to join our community and get some more to explore.