5 Vacation Spots that Will Change Your Life Forever

To escape the humdrum of daily lives, a vacation should be something looked forward to, yearned for, an item on the bucket list, or an experience that will change your life forever.

Our list of vacation spots will broaden your horizons, make you explore new cultures, and get to know yourself better, whether it is through meditation or whether it is by getting in touch with nature. Each of these spots will ensure that you never look at life quite the same way:

1). Istanbul

istanbulStraddling Europe and Asia, Turkey is literally a place where the East meets the West with culture and values of both continents evident in day-to-day lives. Despite the recent strife, Istanbul remains an enchanting combination of geography and history.

The magical city of Ottoman palaces and Byzantine chapels, built along the banks of the Bosphorus Strait, is dotted with domes and minarets that evoke your mystical side. On the other hand, the jumble of activity of 14 million citizens, from those who have been up all night partying to imams calling out the adhan at dawn, gives the city an energetic vibe.

What makes visiting Istanbul life changing is the fusion: it has intense history and is modernized, there are a lot of mosques in Turkey and yet you are allowed to drink, dance and enjoy everywhere, it has burqa clad Muslim women and bikini clad foreigners and all have learnt to live with one another in acceptance and tranquility.

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2). The Caribbean

CaribbeanJust the words “the Caribbean” evoke images of miles and miles of azure blue water and dashing pirates (read: Johnny Depp). However, it also seems like a fantasy, after all, who but the super-rich can dream of vacationing in the Caribbean.

Apparently, you don’t just have to live in the fantasy world to do so. If you don’t believe us, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: Dennis Dori of Charter Sailing Unlimited. Charter Sailing Unlimited is an American charter yacht brokerage company that is associated with hundreds of vessels that can be hired all over the Antilles.

“A lot of first-timers are pleasantly surprised by how doable it is — chartering a yacht and making their dream sailing trip a reality,” says Dori. “And there’s truly no better or easier place in the world to do it than in the Caribbean.”

You could hire an all-inclusive crewed yacht that comes with a chef, or you could charter a “bareboat” without a captain or a crew, on which you will be making dinner for yourself while manning the helm of the ship. Or you could go for the middle road and have a captained ship but without the crew. The budget depends on the choices you make.

What makes it life changing is the ability to convert a bucket list item into reality. Also, it’s not on every other vacation where you get to sail on breezy waters, see pristine sandy bays, enticing dive sites, wildlife including thousands of exotic birds and sea turtles, isolated coral reefs and storybook harbors. So, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t consider it a golden opportunity.

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3). India, during Holi festival

indiaIf you are looking for a truly unique experience, forget Europe and its tours and travels. Go to a developing country instead and see how the people there live to better appreciate your life. Experiencing a culture completely different from yours will broaden your horizons in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Visit India, a country famed for its traditions and welcoming spirit. In fact, a vacation in India in spring and experience the explosion of colors in the Indian temple towns of Mathura and Vrindavan. Holi is a festival of colors, which is befitting as it is the Hindu celebration of marking the arrival of spring.

Though the Holi festival has now acquired global phenomenon, it retains special significance at the spots that have been revered as the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna’s birthplace. And we kid you not, in the revelry and excitement of throwing colored powders and waters at total strangers to blaring music, you will forget the wildest parties you ever had.

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4). Kyoto, Japan

kyotoIf you want peace, quiet, and tranquility, a place where you can contemplate life’s mysteries while taking a stroll down a path shaded by cherry trees, temples and shrines, Kyoto, Japan is the place for you.

You may tend to associate Japan with sleek, high-speed trains and LED-lit streets, but in Kyoto life is different. Kyoto has old world charm with its pagodas and temples, such as Temple of the Gold Pavilion, which was constructed in the 14th century and is covered in gold leaf. It gives you a sense of time has slowed down as you sit at a tea ceremony that can last for hours.

Kyoto is an ideal place for relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection. As you embrace mindfulness and meditation at one of its retreats in the Zen temples, like Shunkion, you will get in touch with your inner self and find a peace that may have evaded you.

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5). Vancouver Island, British Columbia

vancour islandAre you looking for an unforgettable authentic Canada vacation? Then Vancouver Island, in the Canadian province of British Columbia, is the place for you. It is not only activities like sports fishing, whale watching, skiing, surfing, and scuba diving that are attractive there, it is also the feeling of isolation since this island is only accessible by floatplane or a boat.

Whether you are visiting Vancouver as part of a Globus world tour or whether you have opted for “glamping” at some fabulous resort such as the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, you will be met with diverse adventures; some examples include heli-hiking, archery and fly-fishing.

Cruise the beautiful waters as you see barking sea lions and curious otters, before taking a gander into the island’s dense forest.

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Vancouver Island is where you can get in touch with nature and watch the multitude of wildlife with respect and awe, while experiencing a feeling of disconnection from the world. However, natural beauty is not all that Vancouver has to offer, it also has Victoria’s nineteenth-century architecture and many picturesque villages that dot its coastline.

So, now that you have several places for the ideal vacation in your bucket list, start saving up to turn your dreams into reality.


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