Top 5 Technological Trends for 2017

Until this point of time in human civilization, the world has already seen the vast wonders that technology has to offer. But technology has just scratched the surface of its capability as it has plenty more to offer in the future. It’s remarkable, the kind of technology that is available to us, one couldn’t even think of these devices or path breaking tools to be ever exist in the past. But yet, we do.

Technology has already had a great effect on our lives as innovators are gearing to introduce to the world their many new innovations that will change the way we live. If you do the Math, it is simply amazing how we can multitask and communicate as well retrieve and post any information on a pocket sized devices we carry every day. Technology has always found a way to amaze us and with all that we have seen so far, and we can’t wait to see what more it has in store for 2017.

Let’s take a look at few technological trends we might come across in 2017.

Next-Gen Batteries :

Batteries have been a big part of portable electronic devices but always had a downside of limited power. But next generation batteries made of zinc, aluminium and sodium can enable clean renewable energy.

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Autonomous Vehicles :

Road Accidents have been a major cause human fatalities over the last couple years with both humans and vehicle irregularities at fault. But with Autonomous vehicles or driverless cars operated computers, thousands of lives can be saved. This will also help curb pollution and improve economies.

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Nano sensors :

Nanosensors are chemical or biological sensory points that convey information about Nanoparticles to the world. Mostly used in Nanorobots, computer chips and medicinal purposes. Soon we will find these Nano technologies in our body, furniture, agriculture, architecture etc.

 Bluetooth 5 :

The use of Bluetooth has been very limited so far but soon laptops will be equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5. Its wireless specification is a faster and longer upgrade on the dated Bluetooth 4.2. Now PC’s will be able to communicate from a distance up to 400 meters. Data transfer will be much faster with speeds up to 2Mbps, twice as fast as Bluetooth 4.2.

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VR and AR :

Virtual reality and Augmented reality have already made major strides in the market and have been heavily used in the gaming and educational industry. Augmented reality has been very effective in online education or virtual learning, helping students learn with visual representation, for example, superimposing Flora and Fauna thus providing a composite view of the objects. VR apps and Oculus rift have already found great reception has given go ahead for innovators to come up with new improved versions of these products.

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