Cooking is a form of fine art and like any other artist, you have to practice and try to get more proficient at it. But there are often cases when no matter how much effort you put into a dish, it just doesn’t turn out the way you had desired. Not to worry, for the fault here is not particularly your, it is in the techniques which you can overcome with these very helpful tips.

There are a few techniques that you need to keep under consideration when you are attempting to cook something as these techniques can literally make or break a dish.  But if you give these tips a try I am sure you will see an improvement in your cooking skills overnight.

#1.The art of holding the knife

This is a very basic but yet much important thing to learn for being a great cook. After all, all cooking begins at this. Cutting, dicing, chopping, slicing and many more and hence, you must know how to hold the knife appropriately to dice your vegetables or meat in an efficient manner. Hold onto the handle of the knife in a manner that your index finger and thumb lay on the sides of the blade. This way, you will have a better grip and force to apply as you chop the ingredients.

#2. Choose the ingredients of the best quality

While cooking, it is not just important to learn to cook properly, there are many other factors that you can to consider in order to improve the quality of your food and cooking as well. You cannot put up an extravagant dish with low quality and unfresh ingredients. Hence always keep in mind to pick out the fresh produce and good quality ingredients for your recipes. It will escalate the taste and quality of your food and cooking to a great extent.

#3. Keep space in the pan

This is a common mistake due to which the taste of the food suffers. Overcrowding and filling the pan with an excess amount of ingredients simply ruins the taste, flavor and quality of the entire dish. This makes your cooking style look bad as well. Hence, make sure to keep space between the ingredients within the pan so that you can at least still see the bottom of the pan. This will allow your ingredients to cook properly and at the right temperature and evenly.

#4. Simmer the Liquid to form thick rich gravies

This is a very easy way to enhance the flavors of the liquid foods like soups or gravies. When you boil or simmer the liquid for a long time the excess water in the food evaporates leaving a very thick gravy which is very rich and concentrated in flavor. So let the liquid simmer for a longer time and see how it improves the taste of your cooked dishes that everyone will praise.

#5. Use Kosher salt or sea salt

It is a great way to bring out the flavors in your food as when you use kosher salt or sea salt the food tastes much more better and flavorsome which is not the case when you use normal salt. It is also very important to remember not to over salt your recipe. Remember that salt is that one ingredient that will give life to your cooking. Hence use it appropriately. Have a taste of the dish as you cook to estimate the salt quantity in the food and don’t add excess.

#6. While baking a pie or a tart, bake it longer

Whenever you are attempting to bake a pie or maybe a tart, make sure to keep them in the oven for a bit longer. Pastries and any other dough-based foods taste absolutely amazing when you bake them for a bit longer. It will really improve your baking skills as well and your guests will never fail to come up for a second slice.

#7. Maintain a good acidity level in the food

Whenever you are cooking vegetables or stews, just add a dash of lemon or acidic flavor to the dish. It will balance the entire dish together. You can even add it to any fruit-based dessert as well to escalate the taste of the desert.


There are several hundreds of ways of improving your cooking skill and these are the most efficient ones. Once you give these amazing tips a try we can assure you that your cooking skill will improve significantly. All you have to do is give a little effort and try these out and practice to be a better cook and create delicious dishes.

Author Bio

Carl grew up learning how to cook from his parents as well as working in a high-volume catering operation while in college. He now enjoys spending time with his family writing for his blog Ktchndad.