Tips for Insulating Your Home and Cutting Your Energy Bill

Looking to cut your energy bill each month? This is something that an increasing number of people are looking at due to the high cost of heating one’s home and especially during the colder months of the year. Here are a few tips for insulating your home so that you can reduce your energy usage and slash your bills – these could save you a tidy sum.

Exterior Doors

A tremendous amount of energy can escape through exterior doors and also let in the cold. Draught excluders are a cheap and easy way to keep the warm in and the cold out during the winter months.

Keep Curtains Closed

A simple solution but one that is sometimes forgotten, keep your curtains closed during winter to trap the warm air. Some curtains have thermal backing for added retention and these are a great investment.

Solid Wall Insulation

If your home is built with solid walls (usually anything pre-1920), you could be letting a huge amount of energy out and twice as much as a cavity wall. Solid wall insulation involves fitting rigid boards to the wall or building a stud wall and filling the gap with some kind of insulating material. This should always be carried out by experts, like OVO Energy, for the best results. Although this can be relatively expensive, it will prove to be a smart investment in the end.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is one of the most cost-effective forms of insulation as it can drastically reduce your bills and it is also inexpensive and easy to do yourself. Simply purchase fiberglass wool and cover everywhere under the ruff that you can reach. This can also be used anywhere around the home that you have gaps.

Hot Water Tank Insulation

Insulating your hot water tank will quickly pay for itself and could reduce standby heat loss by up to 45%. It should be insulated simply with a thick blanket or with a specially made pre-cut jacket. Remember to turn off the heater before wrapping the blanket around it.


Double-glazing is another type of insulation which will cost money up front but will eventually save you a huge sum on your heating bill and help to keep you warm in winter.

Insulating your home can actually be very cheap and easy with the above steps. This could greatly reduce your energy output and save you a tidy sum on your energy bills each month.