tips for online shopping

If you are like the many salaried consumers (hard-workers), who hate to stand in long billing queues, burning fuel, carry heavy shopping bags, and many other hassles which are related to the traditional way of buying. Then, online shopping surely is in your best interest. Here, you can shop at your will, there’s no one to ask you that common silly question “do you need any other thing” at the billing counter.

Online shopping spares you from pushing through the crowd to find the best deal on your favorite brand or product. Moreover, with the advent of internet at your homes and offices you any shop anytime and anywhere with ease. In simple words, the convenience is the main factor why online shopping has grown in popularity in the recent years.

Yes, there a lot of advantages of online shopping, but there a few flaws which by any stretch of imagination can’t be overlooked.

Check the Shipping Cost (or other hidden costs) :

Most e-commerce websites offer the feature of “zero shipping cost”, but many charge their customers for certain locations. There are also some smart shopping sites which mark their goods at low prices (shipping cost additional). But, if you add the shipping cost to the selling price you will be amazed to know that instead of saving some money, you are paying extra.

Keeping the above in mind, Check the shipping cost and other hidden costs associated with the product before making the payment.

Read the Company’s Return Policies :

Yes, we should think only about the positives as most “old timers” say, but by only thinking positives most can’t go too far in their lives. You have to figure out the potential negatives. You must be wondering why we are here talking about “how one should think”. Well! The answer to your query can be explained with an example, for instance, you ordered a smartphone from an e-commerce site at the lowest price (as said), but what happens after using it for three or four days that the product starts showing signs of a possible manufacturing defect.

And, then you get irritated and send a strong e-mail to the company from where you ordered, but the reply you get is a humble and a sweet one, sorry we can’t help you! Replacing the product is not a part of our return policy. So, now you understand what was the really motive to change your mind set.

Thus, carefully read the return policy of the potential e-commerce sites. All online shopping sites have a return policy page, those which don’t have, are the fraudsters. If you have any doubt regarding any term and condition, pick up your phone give them a call on their customer support number.

Keep a Keen Eye on Customer Reviews :

Probably, all e-commerce websites have a review box on their product pages, read the reviews they are like your good friends’ recommendations to you. Read both pros and cons of the product before you order.

Check the Details –Brand, Size, Color, etc :

After carefully reading the product description, when you get fully motivated to buy that very product-depending on what you are buying recheck the size, color, model, brand, etc. to avoid unnecessary product returns.

Shop from Reputed Sites :

shop from reputed sitesIt is always better to shop from reputed sites as these sites are more reliable and safe.

At the Time of Paying Online :

At the time of entering your credit card details make sure that you are on a secure site. But, how a consumer know whether the site he (or she) is shopping from is secure or not? It’s simple, a safe and a secure site will always have Secure Socket Layer at the beginning of its payment page URL, and it will also have a small gold lock on the right corner of the browser.

Final Words of Advice,

While shopping online avoid getting scammed. There are many websites listed on the internet which are fraudsters and are in look for the personal details of the internet users. These sites are there to grab your credit card details and other details for a potential identity theft. Beware of them; they will entice you with schemes like buy one get one free or whatever that can lure you.

Help others! If you find have recently walked through a fake e-commerce site, then don’t sit back report it by using Google or just leave a review on a review sharing site.

Incorporate these important smart online shopping tips in your life- because we are born to shop.