things to try in varanasi

If you check out most of the articles on the net, you would find that there are very few activities in Varanasi. This is mainly due to the fact that Varanasi is considered as a place for a day-long visit. It is not true. This is one of the oldest cities that are still inhabited. Kings of different times built various attractions and monuments for their people. Thus, this place is filled with jewels of attractions.

varanasiIf you are ready to spend a considerable amount of time in the city, there are numerous activities that you ought to enjoy in this holy capital of the country.

No matter whether you consider River Ganges as holy or not; you cannot deny the fact that the water is refreshing and cool. An early morning dip in Gangas would lift your spirits up.

Are you not ready to take a dip in the river? You can try out strolling along the river early in the morning when the fog is mild.

  1. There are numerous temples in the city. Each street is bestowed with numerous hotels, which are mostly associated with one mythology or the other. The best of all is the Kashi Vishwanath temple and its gold domes. Visit these temples to enjoy the architectural beauty of the structures.kashi vishwanath temple
  2. There is a temple for the Mother India in Varanasi. It is called as Bharat Mata Mandir. Visit this temple for some sightseeing experience.
  3. Do you love monkeys? You ought to visit the Sankat Mochan temple that is dedicated to the Monkey God of Hindu Mythology, Hanuman. You can find many monkeys playing in this temple.
  4. The most extravagance of all rituals is the Ganga Arti that happens every evening by sunset at Dasaswamedh Ghat. People perform interesting rituals and let go of small lamps on the river. Millions of small fireballs floating on the cold water are an epic sight and it is the best place for all kinds of photography.
  5. Early morning or evening boat ride at Gangas to watch sunrise or sunset is a must activity here. You can find people performing various rituals on the banks and also enjoy the cool breeze.evening arti varansi
  6. Sarnath is little away from Varanasi. This is an important spot for Buddhist pilgrims. You can find deer park, Stupa and many other historically and religiously important monuments here. It is also an important spot for Jainism pilgrims.
  7. In Sarnath, you can find Dhamek Stupa that people believe as alien structure. Many alien movie fans visit this place for some excitement. Are you one among them? The most interesting part is that it was built many centuries ago and it connects to science fiction stories of this century.dhamek stupa varanasi
  8. Explore the historic Ramnagar fort along the banks of the river. It is a famous movie shooting spot and is also an important tourist attraction in Varanasi that was built in the 18th There is also a museum in this fort.
  9. There are numerous shops outside each temple and there are many streets that are dedicated to just shops. If you are a Shopaholic, you can go nuts with the options thrown at you. Top things to buy are Benaras silk, deities, bangles, stone inlay works, shawls, carpets and brass items.
  10. A walk to Malviya Bridge would be refreshing. The skyline view from the bridge would be fascinating.malviya bridge varanasi
  11. There are a lot of hotels in Varanasi with roof top dining. It is not just a luxury element. You can watch people and deities taken for ceremonies with ease from the rooftop as you dine.
  12. Take part in any yoga classes that take place near any Ghat or in any building overseeing the Ghats. You can experience relaxation with yoga and it would be a new experience.
  13. Visit the museum inside Banaras Hindu University to enjoy pictures of 15th century, sculptures, miniature paintings and others. If you love museums, you ought to visit the government museum where 3rdcentury terracotta objects, pottery items, bronze items and others are found. It contains remains that were evacuated from Mathura region.
  14. If you are up for some architectural exploration, visit Kathwala temple or Nepali temple. It is a temple built by the king of the temple with terracotta as the main element. The sculptures are made out of wood and this brownish red temple attracts a lot of international tourists every year.
  15. Varanasi is not just a spot for Hindus. You should visit an Alamgir Mosque on the banks of the river for some extraordinary photography time, peaceful strolling and architectural beauty. This mosque is a mixture of Indian and Islamic style and was built by Aurangzeb.
  16. Enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the river from 16th century stone balcony at Manmandir Ghat. There are also some interesting temples near the balcony.
  17. Visit the partly submerged temple at Scindia Ghat. This temple is one of the major attractions because of its submergence. A boat ride very close to this temple is an important tourist activity here.

These are just the top 17 activities that you can enjoy in 10 Days Varanasi Tour. There are numerous other activities available for you, especially if you are visiting during any Hindu auspicious day.