Bringing Hope in Distress - The Test Tube Baby

Parenting a child is the most blissful experience every couple expects to have post marriage. The journey of being a couple to being parents sounds joyous and simple. Yet due to the stresses of life or due to biological reasons, this journey fades into being bumpy and distressing. Infertility in he or she is a situation which gets you face to face with the problems associated with conceiving. Medically, it is defined as the failure to conceive after twelve months of uncontracted intercourse. If detected of infertility, a couple should consult a specialist in the field rather than a normal gynecologist.

Societal pressures and Hormonal Imbalances add to the distress of infertility. But right guidance and accurate treatment can always melt up the pain associated with infertility. Various fertility clinics and IVF centers have proved to be propitious for distressed couples and have come as a ray of hope for the eager parents to be.

Let’s throw a light on the majorly approved IVF treatment for infertility:

IVF isn’t the first step of treatment :

Many couples in hustle bustle get trapped into the mischiefs of greedy doctors and gynecologists. Sometimes Due to the lack of knowledge, while sometimes due to stress, they think of undergoing IVF treatment at primary stage itself. But an understanding specialist doctor doesn’t advise IVF treatment instantly. IVF or In vitro fertilization is not the first step undertaken to treat infertility. In fact, it is reserved for cases in which methods such as artificial insemination, medication or surgery haven’t been fruitful.

IVF Success rate depends on age :

Fertility and age are co-related, so are the age and IVF success rate. The success rate of IVF depends on the age of the person under treatment. The chances of the successful IVF treatment in a woman in her thirties are much more than in the woman in her forties. But lately due to the development of refined medical processes and expert guidance, the success rate is consistently on a rise in a woman with older age as well.

Multi-Birth process :

In IVF treatment the eggs from female and sperm from the male are combined outside the body in a laboratory. These fertilize into an embryo and then are planted into a woman’s uterus. Generally, the experts believe in implanting a maximum of three embryos due to the negative effects it might have on the begetter. For some, giving multi-births might be a boon, but generally, IVF specialists’ do not recommend impregnating more than three embryos in a cycle. Multi-birth might sound inviting but have negative effects on the health of the mother as well as the child. Other than weak immunity this may result in various physical deformity and genetic disorders in the fetus, hence are unadvisable.

IVF treatment is the most accredited way of curing infertility. The process can be a solace if done under the guidance of caring and understanding professionals. It relieves the couple from the pain of infertility, and the test tube baby in their arms fulfills the primal need of procuring a family. Infertility treatments in fertility clinics have paved way for millions of people across the globe to build families and furnish happiness in their lives.