Store Your Christmas Decorations Properly and Avoid Damage

Christmas decorations mean different things to different people. There are those who decorate to a new theme every year and so buy new decorations to suit. But many of us love to keep and cherish our decorations, bringing them out each festive season to lovingly decorate the tree and the home.

To some, our Christmas decorations are family heirlooms passed down from previous generations, or they are those that have been lovingly hand-crafted by our children at school or by a talented craftsperson in the family. Whatever category your decorations fall into we can show you how to look after them properly so you can use them again and again.

The Christmas Tree

The best way to store an artificial tree is by securing its branches tightly after you take it down. Make sure all the branches are folded up correctly in the same direction and then tie it in several places using something strong and easy to untie. An old belt or wadding strap is ideal for this. Then place the tree inside a strong plastic bag before preferably putting it into its original box. Strengthen the edges and corners of the box with packing tape to prevent it getting squashed.

Allow Breathing Space

Too many decorations get broken simply through cramming them in with lots of other stuff in the loft or in a cupboard when there just isn’t enough space. The best way to prevent breakages could be to consider using a self storage unit. That way you can be sure your decorations will be safe and undamaged.

Baubles and Lights

It is worthwhile investing in a roll of bubble wrap for the most delicate of your Christmas decorations, ornaments, and tree baubles. Some of the most beautiful are made of glass or very fine metals and other materials and so should be handled very carefully. A double layer of bubble wrap, or failing that old newspaper or tissue paper, should be wrapped around each one individually. Sturdier items can be wrapped in groups. Your delicate ornaments can be placed in egg cartons or plastic supermarket apple cartons for protection and stored separately from the others.

A good tip for storing your tree lights is to make sure you keep them tangle-free by wrapping them carefully around a piece of rigid cardboard – a good use of all those boxes that Christmas presents came in. Or wrap them around an empty large coffee can; cut a slit in the lid to thread the cable through so the plug can sit inside.

Use Sturdy Containers

Whether you store your decorations at home or you decide to make use of a cheap storage unit you will save yourself a lot of upset, not to mention the expense of replacing shattered ornaments, by using sturdy, sealable plastic containers to protect your decorations from dust and damage.