Tips to Secure Your Enterprise App

It all started from the day before tomorrow. I sat with one of my fast friends. He is an entrepreneur. We were just discussing enterprise mobility solutions and their impact on the business, and suddenly he asked: You always advocate enterprise mobile apps, but what about their security?

Right now, mobile internet usage is completely dominated by customized mobile apps, but then, what if an enterprise app could fail in protecting critical data? He’s right. We should give enterprise app security the top priority in the current era when the ‘mobile only’ concept is becoming a norm.

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Whether an enterprise mobile app is used internally among the employees or externally among the customers, every entrepreneur’s prime concern is to offer a secure user experience.

Here are my suggestions to ensure the safety of an enterprise app from scratch:

#1. Password :

While creating an enterprise mobile app, one must stick to the password access guidelines. No matter an app is useful for the employees or customers if it requires adding and storing of personal information, it is necessary to follow all the rules set by both Android and iOS platforms.

For example, online banking apps have short and number-based passwords to prevent any hackers from accessing a mobile device. An enterprise mobile app with more passwords is safer than the same with fewer passwords.

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#2. Fingerprint :

Today, both high-end Android phones and iPhones offer fingerprint recognition as an additional safety feature. Almost all high-security apps use this feature. Barclays’ is one of the renowned companies that comes forward with a mobile banking app that gives users access to financial information through fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint recognition is the only security step to get access to financial information providing it is selected by the users at the time of sign-in to the application.

Fingerprint recognition is one of the most powerful safety features. If the mobile with fingerprint protection is misplaced, then all the information is safe as it cannot be accessed by any individual.

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#3. Voice :

These days, voice recognition gains ground, and we cannot rule out the possibility of using it widely across the mobile apps in the near future. Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana respond to the user’s voice.

Both customers and employees can remain assured about any financial or personal information stored in an app if it can be accessible through the user’s voice. Although voice recognition has not got much recognition, we can certainly count on it for enhancing enterprise mobile app security.

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#4. Updates :

Companies should consider regular software updates while allocating budget for app development and maintenance. Updates are vital for any app’s success as they prevent an app from malware and hacking attempts while keeping it ‘fresh’ for the users. As technology advances, enterprises need to keep their apps up-to-date for remaining one step ahead than competitors, and of course, from hackers!

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Outdated software can pose a great risk of jailbreaking by the third-party users. Therefore, it is better to put some bucks aside for regular software updates.

Wrap up

Any security flaw in a customized business app can cost a lot to the company. On the one hand, the end users may lose their trust from the company, and on the other hand, the company’s valuable data can be at risk due to not giving proper attention to the app security.

Author Bio: Nitesh Mishra is a digital marketing professional at IndiaNIC, a renowned company that offers customized IT solutions in the domain of enterprise mobile applications and websites. Nitesh is a social media freak and foodie who loves to write about technology and business processes related stuff.