Millennials typically think that health insurance is something you get when you’re older. In their mind, it’s for people who have families they need to provide for in case they die young. What Millennials aren’t considering is the fact that they, too, are at risk of a premature death even though they’re healthy and less likely to have dependents. What they do have is student debt and many of them have parents that co-signed for the loans to help them get into college. And if they have an untimely death, their parents are liable for the repayment of the loan. It’s not a situation any child envisions putting their parent into.

Getting a life insurance policy is a hedge against this possibility. And because Millennials are still young, they have the added benefit of getting an affordable premium. They won’t spend a lot money to gain access to financial security for themselves and their families. And in the event they never come up against the odds of dying young, they still have a policy that can come in handy for when they start their own family. A 20-something getting a 30-year term life insurance policy has coverage when they’re in their 50s and at an age where health risks start to increase. Getting a policy now simply makes sense.

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