Online shopping has become the new norm today, thanks to technology. You can easily find any goods be it clothes, electronics, jewelry, and much more being sold online. The advantage of shopping online is that goods are delivered to your doorstep. Most shipping companies will transport goods all over the world.

The rampant growth of e-commerce has seen a rise in customer expectations. Having a well-designed website and great photos is not enough. The customer expects to get the item exactly as they saw it online. It is always difficult to place your brand in another company’s hands.

Customer satisfaction means return business. It does not matter whether it is shipping to the UK from US or any other part of the world. If you are an online shopper living in the UK shopping from the US and vice versa you want to rest assured that your items will reach you in one piece.

An item can arrive at the warehouse beautifully packaged, but how sure are you that the item is safe enough for shipping to the UK from US or any other part of the world in that same package? It is essential always to inspect all the products that come to your warehouse before shipping.

After inspection, you can then sort out the items that need repackaging and those that are safe for travel. Inspection can take a lot of time, especially if you are a big company. However, there are other important things to consider.

Another thing to improve is storage. How do you store the products you receive from your customers? This depends on the type of goods that you receive the most. Make sure that your warehouse is not prone to pests such as rats. Depending on where you are located, warehouse temperatures can affect some products.

If your warehouse is safe from all the above, it is now time to consider the type of packaging. An excellent package is one that can withstand;

  • Compression
  • Changes in temperature and humidity
  • Being dropped
  • Any wear and tear or coming loose due to the vibration caused by the mode of transport

How fragile are the items you are shipping? There are a few methods of how you can ship breakable goods. You can use the box in a box method; use the appropriate filling to protect the item inside the box or using compartments within the box.

How much weight can your package take before being crushed or deformed? Knowing your ECT (Edge Crush Testing) rate is essential.  There are single, double and triple-walled corrugated boxes available. Be sure to choose the best one for each particular item.

Liquids (in glass bottles) such as perfumes should always be shipped separately and with the appropriate padding. You can also use poly bags or jiffy envelopes to separate the items if you want to ship them in the same package. Good packaging or repackaging products before shipping minimize damage and ensure client satisfaction.