If you are smoking, you, probably, have heard a request to quit at least once. However, the experience shows that you would never quit unless you want it. Yourself.

The question is what to do if you are of two minds. What are the real reasons to stop? So here, I will give you FIVE the most important reasons to quit, which may switch sides of your view of smoking.


The first reason is the stance of your health. When have you seen a doctor last time? Total check-up? No? Therefore, you must know that you after you take a cigarette. The first short-term effects are the unpleasant smell of nicotine from your mouth, your hands, your clothes and yellow or even brown stains on your teeth and nails.

Moreover, with time, your skin becomes yellowish, and some toxins cause cellulite (simply disgusting!). How about that?! This is just the beginning. Very soon, feelings of mild euphoria and relaxation caused by increased blood pressure and heart rate change to bad breath, dizziness, coughing, due to smoke irritation, nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. Can you guess the other symptoms? Increased alertness and concentration, decreased skin temperature, etc.

Others damages are much more serious. It does not matter if you smoke a joint, a plain cigarette or ecigs with a good reputation, they all may harm your body. Smoking makes your blood thicker, which increases chances of clot formation, and narrows your arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen-rich circulating to your organs – all these may be a reason for a stroke or heart attack. The fact is that while you smoke, you increase the risk of stroke by a minimum of 50%. Next step may also be a brain aneurysm (which is a bulge in a blood vessel). In addition, the respiratory, musculoskeletal, immune, reproductive, digestive systems are under threat.
Is smoking worth losing your health?


But the harm to your own body, you may harm other people as well. Have you ever thought that by smoking yourself you anticipate ruin of your relatives and friends? The scariest thing is that hand smoking causes cancer as well as the usual smoking. At least 70 out of 7,000 chemicals (which are contained in second-hand smoke) cause different types of cancer. Cancer may damage larynx, pharynx, nasal sinuses, brain, bladder, rectum, stomach, breast and many others. Just think of the fact that your child may get lymphoma, leukemia, liver cancer or brain tumors. Are you ready to pay such price for the pleasure of electronic cigarettes?

American Cancer Society proves that there are surveys that show that children of smoking parents have a less protected immune system. They get sick more often, have more lung infections and shortness of breath, are prone to cough and wheeze.

Though it is difficult to avoid second-hand smoking, you have to think not only about your health but also about other people, who you are connected with. Think if you are ready to put your family at the risk of developing cancer?


You may cause a negative impact not only on people you know but also on the society as a whole and trigger bad attitude towards yourself. You spoil your ‘face’ in the eyes of the community and may not get a well-paid job. The only people who will like a marveling haze of smoke from your mouth are teenagers who will consider you to be cool and affluent.

There is a tendency that cig companies try to hire non-smokers rather than smokers. Why is this happening? The first reason is that people who smoke do less job. They spend about 10 minutes smoking every two or three hours. But this time, they also have lunch and so on. So their productivity is much smaller. The other reason is that they may not be enjoyable to work with clients. Nobody wants to come to some business company and smell that unpleasant smoke or feel the bad breath. Losing clients is not the field of interest of any company. The reason number three is that there may not be special places for a smoker in the company and they mess with other people To sum up, if you want to be an efficient worker and hold a good position, you would better quit smoking


Quitting smoking always means saving money. Each packet of cigarettes costs you about 12$. How many packets of cigarettes do you buy per month? Alternatively, maybe you buy new liquids for your e-cigarette? You may save more than a thousand dollars each year! You can put this money aside. You can buy a present for your wife. You can spend them in a strip club. Whatever. For you only, It seems to be a good idea for a startup.


You may destroy the Earth. Scary? Surely, it will not happen right after you have lightened your cigarette or inhaled some liquid from your ecig. The process is much more far-reaching. Whatever you smoke, 99% that you use tobacco. Here is the root of the problem. The plant itself grows in rainforest areas, which means that farmers usually do deforestation within huge areas. In its turn, this causes soil erosion, the inability of various plants to forage, which is the predecessor of the loss of biodiversity and increasing of global temperatures. It does not matter if you smoke a regular cigarette or the best ecig you use tobacco.

The procedure of farming it is intended to mean emitting greenhouse gases and releasing noxious chemicals into the atmosphere.

However, the process of smoking does the biggest harm. You burn the tobacco, and all the harmful chemicals are defused in the air. After this, you throw the butts, and they pollute the soil and the water. Are you ready to contribute a score of animals and fish at the expense of the dubious pleasure of smoking?

Be reasonable and do remember that smoking damages your body from the very first minutes of smoking.

About the author: Christina Matthews, the journalist who studies the latest news in the health industry. Now she studies the effects of smoking and vaping on health and reasons of such its popularity.