Preventive Measures for Those Suffering from STDs

It is important to stay well informed about various types of diseases that might attack you anytime. STD is something that you ignore for sexually transmitted diseases have some common myths, but despite that staying well informed about the diseases is not harmful.

As the name suggested, Sexually Transmitted Diseases is something when infected individuals have an unprotected sexual intercourse. Some types the STDs can transmit through direct contact with the infected person. Even if an infected person comes in contact with someone with open sores and infectious body fluids, then the virus is sure to transmit. Even a drug sharing needles are another way to get STD. Even having multiple sexual partners, or having same intercourse or sex with an STD infected person makes a person fall prey to the sexually transmitted diseases.

How to stay protected from further hazards of STD?

We know how life threatening is STD. This disease can be both bacterial and viral. The effects on the patient can be devastating and even it can be the reason to develop complicated health problems. We know from research that viral STDs do not have any permanent treatment or proven cure. However, the symptoms are hard to detect, as, at times, there is no visible symptom of this disease. Sometimes the STD shows symptoms, which at times confuses people and thus it is important to undergo physical examination from time to time.

The best way to examine the Sexually Transmitted Diseases isPCR. PCR testing popular in 98.34% of the DNA testing cases, according to the 2004 AABB report and seems to be increasing over the older method of RFLP. PCR is a quicker method of testing and multiplies the amount of DNA material so that only small samples are needed. However, this does lead to a risk of contamination. If you are going for PCR testing or ordering a DNA home test kit you should ensure that they are AABB approved and that they offer at least a 99% guarantee and test at least ten loci. This is helpful for those suffering from STDs.

Some of the common measures that people can take along with the ones we stated above are –

  • Educating the general public about the sexually transmitted diseases
  • We should rotate the information on harmful effects on the human body
  • Providing counseling to the people who are having a great risk or threat to STD
  • The high-risk candidates through counseling can help to avoid infection by changing their sexual practices and behavior

With the diagnosis of asymptomatic symptoms in the infected people can result in timely treatment. It is important to extend the counseling and prevent further transmission of the STDs. To employ these preventive measures you can also consult your physician beforehand.

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