Blood Drives To Save Lives

The yearly blood donation day is worldwide and occurring on June 14th. The goal is to motivate individuals around the world to understand how important blood donations are and to participate in blood drives. Christ Embassy’s Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is dedicated to organizing a massive blood drive for individuals around Lagos, Nigeria. This is for the Trauma Care International Foundation. His philanthropic work makes it evident his heart is with the African communities and those requiring additional care.

The outcomes of blood drives have been shown to significantly improve the health of the people. Donating blood to people in dire need is vital because it can save their lives. Every single donation makes a difference. The Trauma Care International Foundation has undertaken the mission to assist those in need in the healing process, They are determined to increase the life expectancy of the people they serve. The foundation helps ensure emergency response services and utmost care is distributed during a period of crisis. It is important to realize every service provided is free for anyone financially unable to pay because the foundation has subsidized the services. This decreases the stress already felt by the people who require immediate care. The injuries include accidents, ongoing health deficiencies, and sickness.

The foundation has been blessed with health education of the highest quality. Community based programs are organized to inform people regarding the importance of attaining first aid. They are taught about the proper trauma care everyone deserves. There are also thousands of sessions for emergency and safety training. This includes law enforcement officials, students, public service workers, caregivers, and teachers. The training sessions consist of specific simulations and lectures created to further stress how important emergency care is for the people.

The entire Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris have been leaders in establishing Trauma Care International. The goal of Pastor Chris is to organize events to help people become aware of the importance of blood donation. He has donated a lot of equipment to improve the health status of the African communities. Humanitarian aid is supported by the Christ Embassy. They pray the people touched achieve a full recovery and are blessed. For more details regarding Trauma Care International please take a moment to visit

Trauma Care International has been improving life expectancy and health statuses for local communities, regions, and nations since inception. This is accomplished with the promotion of emergency response services and improved trauma care. In excess of one thousand pieces of training for emergency response, safety and trade have been executed. These training teach using practical demonstrations and specialized lectures. Research has proven when a skilled individual is on site the outcomes for accidents and emergencies improve. A knowledgeable individual during a medical emergency provides invaluable support to the victim, the medical practitioners, and the emergency responders.

Numerous individuals lose their lives despite the presence of medical centers, This is because there is nobody knowledgeable in administering first aid at the time of the accident. The Trauma Care International Foundation is taking the important steps necessary to change these statistics.