So the news is out, Putlocker.ch is dead and buried. Here is a new website – Putlocker.lu . We had reported how the clock was ticking for Putlocker ever since the media companies and law enforcement authorities got interested in it. And it seems we were right on the button. The Putlocker.ch, one of the most-used video streaming services among pirates is dead and buried. If you visit Putlocker.ch now, you will find that you can’t reach the website.

Putlocker and its domain Putlocker.ch, the world’s largest movie streaming website on the Internet, was shut down in 2016. Due to the quality content put up by the admin, Putlocker.ch became the go-to video streaming site for many people with dozens of millions of monthly views.

The site was also ranked the 420nd most-visited website on the Internet until last weekend. It is very popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Ever since Putlocker.ch was shut down many similar websites like Putlockers.is, Putlockerstv.is, Putlocker.today have cropped up. However, most of these clones remain unverified and can infect your computer with malware or lead you on a phishing campaign. Putlocker.lu is here to helps you out.

In order to keep your movie watching uninterrupted, we have made a list of the top rated free movie streaming websites like Putlocker so you could easily find the best movie streaming sites online. We have tested each and every one of these new movie sites and they are fantastic.

Here are top 3 Putlockers.ch like movie streaming websites

1. SolarMovie

Without any doubt, the best alternative to Putlocker.ch is SolarMovie website. SolarMovie boasts a high-quality search engine for movies online much like Putlocker. SolarMovie is one of the greats and you’ll want to add it to your bookmarks right away. Right now the SolarMovie website is being operated from Solarmovie.sc however, that can quickly change as anti-piracy groups are always on a lookout for stopping such streaming websites.

2.  Vumoo

Vumoo is easily the best free movie streaming website like Putlocker online. It has an incredibly well-designed interface. Finding movies to watch is easily achieved with just a few clicks. The added advantage with Vumoo is that it has the latest releases as soon as they are available. If you want to watch movies online before anyone else, chances are you’ll find them at Vumoo first. Right now Vumoo is operated from Vumoo.li as well as Vumoo.at domains.

3. Niter

Niter is another free movie streaming website like Putlocker. Niter’s interface will remind you more about Netflix than Putlocker because of the way it is designed. If you care about how awesome the menu and navigation look, you should give Niter a try. Plus, we didn’t come across too many ads though a video popup opened while surfing it, which is a huge plus with movie streaming websites. Give Niter a try and you may as well thank us.

The above three Putlocker.ch alternatives are best working free movies streaming websites right now. There are some other movie streaming websites which we have not tested but are doing well.

Originally Published :  Techworm.net