Mens Autumn Wardrobe

Every season demands a new wardrobe for us all. We simply can’t stand to shiver or slip over at the expense of our dignity, so our clothing choices tend to be of a sturdier fashion. It’s wise and sensible to purchase some autumn proof clothing, but the question of what items you need have been left open to debate for some time… until now, because we’re right about everything of course!

Consequently, here’s what your autumn wardrobe should feature!

Fisherman Sweater

In the UK, autumn and winter are distinguishable by the chances of snow and the occurrence of season specific holidays. In terms of the everything else like bleakness and the cold, both seasons have a lot in common. Consequently, the main priority becomes clear nigh on immediately; warding out the cold.

A fisherman sweater will help you meet this end. They’ll keep you warm and cozy for the duration of your wearing and can even fit quite comfortably over a buttoned shirt if you need some extra warmth at work. They’re stylish and also very affordable too, meaning that there’s really no reason you should be cold at all. Pick one up!

Chelsea Boots

As previously mentioned, slipping over is a very real risk during autumn and it’s one that leads into winter too. Therefore, you need to plan early for these hazards. It might seem silly, but leaves fall from the trees in droves during autumn, and if they bunch together, get wet and stick to the footpaths, then you may as well be walking across a minefield of banana skins.

Consequently, you need firm footwear to ensure a safe stride. Some Chelsea boots will do the job just done fine, and make sure you have firm footing wherever you go. As well as safeguarding you from injury or embarrassment, Chelsea boots also look incredibly stylish and are extremely popular amongst men. They’ll go well with any outfit you throw on, so pick up a pair of these shoes!

Puffer Coat

Many people tend to layer up during the run of autumn and winter. While it might technically make you warmer, it’s not exactly the most stylish choice you can go for. After all, wearing multiple jumpers beneath a cardigan isn’t exactly a good look, not to mention you’d be restricting your movement a great deal – and have more washing to do!

Instead, go for a quality coat. The men’s puffer jackets from Belstaff are particularly brilliant, as there’s a great range in a myriad of colors, sizes and styles. It’s casual yet smart, practical yet snazzy, and will really lend your outfit an extra bit of gusto. All things considered, a puffer coat will make you look less puffed up then several sweaters worn at once but keep you just as warm!