Meet Someone in Real Life

More and more of us are becoming obsessed with Internet dating. If you’re looking for a potential love interest, setting out to meet local singles online is so convenient. You can strike up a conversation with your ideal partner without even having to leave home. The issue with dating apps is they can become too convenient. We can spend so much time poring over profiles and messaging other site users we forget the joy of connecting with other singles in diverse settings in the real world.

To some, the prospect of ditching dating apps might conjure images of going through the ‘cold turkey’ faced by addicts coming off their favorite drug. And there’s no denying online dating can, in its own way, become addictive. But it’s worth considering the pluses of getting back into offline romance. Here’s why forgetting all about those matching apps could do wonders for your love life.

Finding common ground

Apps do work the same way as conventional dating. To an extent. You sign up for a particular app, create an account, begin browsing the database for eligible candidates. You have the opportunity to find out about prospective partners by reading through a series of descriptions in your search for someone who shares your passions and interests in life.

But there is only so much information you can glean from someone by studying their profiles. The most reliable way to find out what makes someone tick is to really get to know them, in a social club, or participating in their favorite sporting activity, or whatever. Who is going to make the biggest impression on someone who loves skiing, for example? The person who claims they also like skiing in their Internet information or the single who has actually joined their club and loves to ski alongside them.

Emotional connections

The trouble with dating apps is site users will all tend to make the type of statement they feel will make the best impression, as opposed to simply being truthful. The most valid connections will always be those forged during face-to-face encounters. Once you meet someone in the flesh, you will immediately begin the process of developing the same chemistry it can often take much longer to nurture via online messages.

So when it comes to ditching the dating app, all you need do is consider your online matching history. Did you come across insincere individuals, who told falsehoods as you were exchanging communications, or didn’t divulge the truth about why their last relationship broke up? Many app users will have had less than satisfactory experiences. Then compare this with the openness of getting to know someone in the real world through honest exchanges.

Reading personalities better

When you meet people in real life, you’ll be confronted with the real person, not the persona they’ve exaggerated while accessing their account from the privacy of their own home. Meeting someone in a date location will give you a firm footing for building a rapport.

Being adventurous with your date choices

Because of the ‘date market’ aspect of apps, couples trying to arrange an appropriate venue for their first date often resort to stereotypes. They’ll suggest a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant. When you are going out of your way to meet a prospective partner in real life, you can be far more flexible in your approach. So forget about the obvious options for a while. Think outside the box, whether that’s booking a hot air balloon ride, going go-kart racing or any one of hundreds of possibilities.