Rearranging Furniture

Casters are used in many ways to help make various furniture or heavy items more mobile. It is common to see them in an office setting, but even around the house or garage they can really come in handy. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. You need to select the right caster based on the weight of item you plan to add them to, as well as the flooring/environment the item is in.

Ideas For Using Them At Home

If you are someone who likes to make sure there are no random items or food stranded underneath your furniture, casters can help out. Having casters on the legs of your couch, tables, or chairs can help make moving them for cleaning a simple task. Just release the brake, slide the furniture out, and you can now access the items under it or behind it.

If you select the right casters, it will not make your furniture look out of place. It can actually make them look nicer since they come in many shapes, sizes and colors to fit your unique style. For instance, say your coffee table is black, you could get gold casters to attach to the legs to make it stand out and fit in with the other items around it. When the holidays come around it will be easier to move furniture to make room for when family and friends come over for when you throw a party or gathering.

They will not damage the hardwood and can also lock into place when you are not using them, so long as you select the right kind of caster. Another way to use them would be on laundry baskets. This way you can just glide in and out of the laundry room or where ever you need.

You can add casters to your couches, chairs, love seats, coffee tables, end tables, anything really. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding casters to heavy items and making life easier. We all want ways to make things easier on ourselves, and casters are one of those ways.

In addition to all of this, installing them is very easy. Casters can be applied to the feet of an existing piece with either a few blasts from a power drill, a normal screwdriver, or even a little glue. You can install some fancy ones that will catch a lot of attention and add personality to the furniture, or even small ones that seem to hide under the furniture. All you have to do is pick your perfect match.

The Variety

One important aspect that you need to take into careful consideration is which type you need. They range from light, medium, and heavy-duty casters based on the weight of the item they are for. You also have to consider the type of flooring that you have. If you have a carpeted floor, your best option would be to use a plastic swivel caster instead of a fixed caster. The swivel caster makes it easier to move in different directions. Where the fixed caster makes it easier to move in one direction or the other.

When choosing what type of casters you need, there are many things to consider. The environment around the furniture is one of the most important factors in choosing what casters you will want. There are stainless steel casters made for antibacterial surfaces like hospitals as well as casters that are shock absorbent.

When installing the casters, also consider the type of furniture that you are placing the casters on. If you are applying casters to chairs, will you want the chair to swivel the complete 360 degrees or do you only want it to roll back and forth? If you want the chair to only go back and forth, you will want a fixed caster.

Casters are available in multiple finishes including vintage, chic, brass and even gold. Casters are able to be matched to your own personal preference for design whether it be chic, modern and vintage. All styles will benefit from the use of casters.