Long Driving Tips

Are you planning to take a long road trip with family and friends? Well, you need to plan in advance and take the necessary steps to keep yourself alert and energized throughout the trip. Our long driving tips: what you should know will help you stay safe the next time you get behind the wheel.

Always Plan Ahead

This is probably one of the most essential things to do when planning a long distance trip. Your trip will be more enjoyable and relaxing when you know where you are going and how long it will take. Do some research on the route you are planning to take and ensure that it is drivable. Make use of maps and GPS to know various spots where you will get fuel, food and other essentials.

Also, checking the weather reports should be in your pre-trip checklist. This way, you will know what to expect in the areas where you will be driving as well as in your destination.

Understand Your Limits

Everyone has their limits when it comes to long distance driving. Knowing your limits in terms of how long you can drive will hugely contribute to your trip’s success. Another tip is to know your limits when it comes to driving in the dark. While some people are able to drive well in the dark, others find it quite difficult.

Take Ample Sleep the Night Before

Getting sufficient sleep the night before your long driving trip is very important. A good night’s rest will help build your energy reserves that will come in handy while driving. Otherwise, you will be exhausted, and this can be dangerous on the road. Additionally, avoid highly caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as they are likely to have a negative effect with time.

Prepare Your Car

Before embarking on your trip, ensure that you get your car inspected for oil, water, tire inflation, and other prerequisites. A thorough inspection by a certified mechanic is particularly important for long road trips. According to Car Talk, other items that must be checked include the cooling system, air conditioning system, steering, and suspension as well as the best floor jacks. You will have peace of mind when your vehicle is in prime condition.

Fuel Up

Before starting up your car for a long drive, see to it that you have a full tank of gas. This will save you from frustrations and disappointments when your gas meter reads empty. It is a good idea to refuel prudently each time you come across a gas station. Doing this will save you from last moment rush as you never know when another gas station will appear.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Comfort is key especially when driving for an extended period of time. For this reason, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and carry a pillow for a more relaxing trip. It is also wise to carry sunblock in order to protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Bring Along a Travel Buddy

If you are going to be driving for an extended period of time, then there is a need to bring a passenger along. A chat with a good company will keep you alert and entertained. It will also be great if you bring someone who can drive so that you can ask him or her to take over the wheel when you become fatigued and or get sleepy.

Make Frequent Stops

Every once in a while, pull over and take a break to stretch your legs and grab a snack. Even if you are not sleepy, give yourself breaks at least every two hours. This will lift your spirit and give you the energy to set off again. Some great places to take a break include the gas station, parks, and restaurants. If you feel less alert, use this time to take a quick nap.

Stock up Snacks and Drinks

On longer trips, it is wise to stock up on healthy food, snacks, and juices to munch on. Healthy fruits from grocery stores are more preferable since they give you energy. Although some experts differ with the idea of eating while driving, snacks such as trail mix and chewing gum will boost your energy while driving for a long time. Water will keep you hydrated throughout your trip.

Get Some Fresh Air

Fresh air is a must, whether you are driving long distance or short distance. It will leave you feeling comfortable and keep you alert. Open a window once in a while to allow fresh air.

Keep the Passengers Entertained

Long drives can be boring. Hence, it’s best to turn up the mood with some music or other forms of entertainment. Smooth music will do the trick to keep you alert and reduce boredom. Other people turn to games, books, and puzzles that help keep the brain active and engage everyone.


A lot of care and keenness should be taken when driving for long periods of time on an open road. The above mentioned long driving tips: what you should know will help keep you alert and awake during your next road trip.