Lightsaber Colors

When people think about the Star Wars universe, they often think about the lightsaber. This weapon was viewed as a “classic” weapon from a “more civilized” time. It was wielded exclusively by force-sensitive beings, typically Jedi and Sith. One of the most prominent differences that people noticed on the big screen was that the lightsaber colors would vary from person to person. Some of the most common lightsaber colors included red, green, and blue. Just where exactly did these lightsaber shades come from?

The Lightsaber Crystal

The lightsaber derives its strength and power from the crystal that is included inside of its core. During the period of the classic Jedi Republic, young force trainees would need to travel on a quest to find their own lightsaber crystal. One of the most common planets that they visited was Ilum. On these quests, the young students would venture off into the unknown on their own, in search of a crystal. Once they found a crystal, they would need to bring it back and use it to craft their lightsaber.

Making the Lightsaber with the Crystal

The crystal is what gives the lightsaber its color. The Sith often went with a red crystal while the Jedi typically selected blue or green. The young student would usually need to meditate on the crystal for a prolonged period to imbue it with the force. Then, once the crystal had become one with the force, it could be used to craft a lightsaber. This was a challenging process for many students; however, it also helps them increase their appreciation for their lightsaber, creating a powerful bond.

Unique Lightsaber Colors in the Series

Without a doubt, the world of Star Wars is ever-changing and evolving. Just because these are the most popular colors doesn’t mean that there aren’t more. Some of the other colors that people might have noticed include yellow, purple, and even black. People are undoubtedly familiar with Mace Windu, who wielded a purple lightsaber during the prequels. Those who watched the Star Wars TV shows might have even seen Ahsoka Tano wield a white lightsaber. The guards in the Jedi Temple typically wielded yellow lightsabers. Lastly, some of the individuals on Mandalore wielded black darksabers which are slightly different from the typical lightsabers.  It will be interesting to see how the world of Star Wars evolves in future movies and TV shows. As a cornerstone of the Star Wars Universe, the lightsabers are sure to evolve along with them.