When children take breaks from school activities, it is the lady of the house who gets to take a break as well. So in detailing the outdoor events in Ahmedabad, it is only right that the mothers of the children are kept in mind too. That there is no age limit to take to a new skill or to learn about new things makes the summer activities just the right time and place to make further changes. The break times must be utilized go not just meet friends but to learn new things which could come in handy later on during the school.

#1. The Coders Meet

This should be used to give a taste of coding to aspiring software developers.  A coders club in Ahmedabad organizes the camp is tied to the Microsoft trainers who could put the participants through the paces. Even though the event is being held for just a day, it is sufficient to give the first peep to how coders thing and function.

There is no charge to attend the camp and registration is a must do to be eligible for the meet. An application must be moved through the school at which the child is enrolled to be considered for the participation. This is a good opportunity for the young ones to be given a ringside view to coding as it happens in real situations.

#2. Fashion For Moms

It is not right to leave out the hard-working moms who prepare and get the children to school every day and for years together. The Fashion for Moms is aimed at being a meeting spot for the harassed mothers who would be presented a forum to air their views on just about anything of the matter. That there would be fashion tips and comfortable to wear clothing items on the discussion is an added part of the camp.

Tickets are priced nominally and at hand is an opportunity to meet up with Hetal Shah, who would be willing to offer some very workable tips to be used in the daily attire.

#3. Science Lab Camps

They could be considered to be the most thought-provoking camps to be held during the school breaks. Most of the participants of the camps come out with a sense of having learned new things and more importantly, practical insight into some of the more common occurrences around them. While every attempt has been made to allow the most participants to attend the meets, there are limits to the total number of participants, and thus registrations close once the magic numbers are reached.

The Science Lab Camps are aimed at instilling a sense of inquisitiveness in children and the earlier the young minds are made to think out of the box the easier is it to get them thinking without blinkers.

#4. An Evening With Strangers

Few people and of the young ages are presented with the right audience to try out their skills at presentations. The camp here aims at providing a ready audience to the willing performers and in a range of activities too. There are the traditional drama, dances and the tug-o-war to keep people interested. More than the actual events, it is the venue being presented to showcase the skills of the participants that need to be noted. There is a participating charge being levied, and this would cover the costs towards venue rental and maintenance.

#5. Soap making workshop

Soap making is getting to be a lost art than a necessity with the invasion of the branded types to the field. This is an attempt to educate the ordinary folks to the varieties of soap possible with some pure chemicals and processes. It would be wrong to consider that soap making is too complex to be attempted at the homes of people. A charge is being levied for the participation, and this would differ with the category of activity that is being chosen too. The workshop is meant to be a meeting place of minds, and it could be the start of a new association to understanding soaps.

There would be no dearth of outdoor events in Ahmedabad, but the focus must be on picking out the most suited to the individual and his circumstances.