Jigsaw Puzzle

A long time ago people used cardboards of two colors one for lining and one for drawing an image without any graphics which made them addicted to the game. Also, at that time jigsaw puzzles were used in institutes for studying geography where students had to put the missing states, cities, and countries together to form a complete map, after a couple of years people started making jigsaw designs for decoration purposes. Who would’ve imagined that the puzzle they used to play on cardboards would become so famous and will be able to play on an entirely different platform?  Today jigsaw puzzles are available on all smartphones just a tap away. When I played my first smartphone jigsaw puzzle game, I got really excited, it was like reliving my childhood, experiencing all the entertainment I once used to with my friends, even now the addiction made me share it with my friends so that I can compete with them and leave them behind.

In the early ages, different jigsaw puzzle manufacturers arranged different activities for all the puzzle lovers which included small prizes and weekly competitions about who solves the puzzle first. Now you can get rewards and prizes by just playing it on your smartphone, all you need is to visit your app store to download your favorite jigsaw puzzle for your Android or iOS and enjoy the game with much better experience which once you were used to playing only on cardboard.

Games on smartphones are quite popular nowadays. According to the modern age, games require better graphics and gameplay. That’s where Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo comes in, a game for everyone. You can download it on both Google Play Store and App Store. Enjoy playing it in a challenging mode where you can decide the difficulty and complete it in your chosen amount of time. Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo contains more than 15 categories of puzzles. That’s not all, fresh categories are added every day, so you never run out of fun, and if you lose or wasn’t able to complete the puzzle, you are always fueled up to give it another try each time you finish the puzzle in the given amount of time you will get coins for it. Now, who doesn’t like getting rewards for playing a game which is fun and entertaining!

Highlights of Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo

The game gives you:

  • High definition Graphics.
  • Amazing sound effects.
  • Hundreds of Amazing landscapes and illustrious pictures to choose from.
  • Upload your favorite image and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Puzzle challenges every day and every week.
  • Share progress with your friends and family.
  • Get rewards for completing puzzles and much more!

A while ago people loved the cardboard game of jigsaw puzzles but since it has changed to a video game people now love it even more. Not only they can choose a picture to play with but they can choose a picture of their choice with various background colors to choose from, also added in a zoom in and out feature to have a good look at the puzzle especially when you are playing around with more pieces than you can deal with that’s where things get more exciting. You can now check how talented you are by just playing a simple puzzle what’s even more amazing about Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo is that you can use the maximum amount of puzzle pieces to challenge your brain. Set the amount of time you want to complete it in and go for it no worries if your first attempt wasn’t so great but who’s watching? So, play it as much as you want without any fear of failure. 😉