10 DIY ideas to Celebrate Your Birthday in a Budget

Are you planning to throw a birthday party for your loved ones? Worried about the expenses? Although, throwing a birthday themed party can a little bit expensive. The money you want to spend on the birthday depends on your financial capacity. Don’t throw the party for competing with others.

Plan for the birthday party to enjoy and celebrate the birthday following your own style. The best parties are the one that is planned according to the interests of birthday boy/girl or man/woman. Search online for a theme you wish to have. You will be surprised to search the attractive offers that are present online.

Top 10 Cheap(Affordable) DIY ideas to Celebrate Birthday for Him/Her

#1. Decide a budget and stick to it

decide budget and stick to itSetting a budget for the birthday party is very important. It prevents you from overspending and going beyond your budget. You can plan for smaller parties if you are new in the city or you have a limited budget. If you plan your budget in advance, then can add many things to your budget.

Create the list of food, games, decoration and guest list. Then arrange for the cake, snacks, decorations, music and much more. Allocate money for these activities and stick to it.

Plan in advance so that nothing is left for last minute. If you plan your budget well in advance, then it will be easy for you to plan for bigger parties also.

#2. Pick a Simple Theme

pick a simple themeIf your daughter wants to have Minnie mouse party theme, but it can cost you a bit expensive. Rather, you can mix match the stuff from some clearance sale. Buy printed napkins, hanging lantern, goodie bags and another party decor at a reasonable price. This will make a party theme unique and funny. Your daughter is going to love this customized theme party, according to her taste.

So, the idea is buying the expensive stuff can increase your budget. Try to think something creative in less budget. There are many sites that offer discounts and attractive packages for themed parties. You just need to search for those sites. Planning quite ahead for your theme party is the key to success.

This makes your party creative and unique in your budget only. Make the venue attractive by decorating it with flowers and balloons. For decorating with fresh and unique flowers and styles, you can browse for flowers delivery UK.

#3. Find a free venue

find a free venueYou can have fun at your birthday party without spending hundreds of dollars. Plan to host the party in your house or park. You can plan for home cooking parties or afternoon party. In cooking party, you can plan to decorate cup -cakes with your friends or making pizzas.

In afternoon party, plan to watch a movie with snacks and drinks. Hosting a camping party in the backyard of the house can be funny. If you wish to go for camping, host a day- time tent party in backyard followed by the bonfire. Search online for birthday gift ideas.

#4. Decorate venue yourself

decorate venue yourselfIt is always a good idea to decorate the venue by yourself. Decorating the venue yourself will give the sense of fulfillment. It will also save your money and you can throw the party in your budget. Buy solid -colored dinner plates, cups and napkins. Themed plates for snacks and desserts can be a bit expensive.

You can also decorate the solid colored plates and cups by yourself. You can go for white or plastic silverware. It will cost you very less and can also be used in picnic and big family dinners. Balloons are perfect to decorate the venue. There are many sites that are available for balloon delivery.

#5. Short guest list

short guest listPrepare a short guest list. Inviting the entire class or too many friends can be very expensive. Invite close friends and try to keep your birthday party small and sweet. Invite your close friends. This is a better way to make your party enjoyable.

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#6. Send invitations VIA email

invitation via emailThere are various websites from where you can download free templates for invitation card. You can customize it accordingly. Send birthday invitations to your friends through email. There are various free templates that match your theme party. Pick any of these and search for free template invitations.

#7. Get a Friend to bake a birthday cake

get a friend to bake a birthday cakeYou can always take the help of your friend who can bake the cake for you. Your best friend will love to bake the cake for you. Decorate the cake with fruits and little toys. Place them on the top of the cake. You can also plan to make cupcakes instead of cakes.

Cupcakes are a great alternative to cake and are liked. Decorate cupcakes with a message of thank you on it.You can also order a simple birthday cake. There are many sites that deals in Cake Delivery UK.

#8. Make affordable and easy food

simple foodPlan for tasty, delicious, easy and affordable food. You can cook easy food like pasta, salads, and sandwiches. These foods are enjoyed by every age group. You must plan your birthday party in between lunch and dinner. It will save your money. You can also plan to serve cake and ice cream in your party. These two things are the favorite of every person.

#9. When someone says they want to help – say “YES”

say-yes-for-helpingSay yes to your friends, family members, and loved ones if they want you to help you to organize the party. You can ask your friend to bake a cake for the birthday boy/girl. You can expect them to help in decorating the venue. Pick the birthday theme with the help of your family members.

#10. Make your own entertainment

make your own entertainmentPlan your own set of entertainment at your birthday party. If you are having an outdoor party, plan for lawn games like corn hole or washers. You can also think of some indoor games like tic tac toe or pin the tail on the donkey.

With these easy to adopt and useful tips, you can celebrate your birthday within your budget.