Television has changed drastically over the past couple of years. It might be the prime time for your viewing habits to toss up as well. Unless you actually enjoy paying hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money to cable or satellite services, you should probably join the ever growing numbers of customers who have gladly “cut the cord” and are now watching their favorite TV shows and games on the internet and via streaming platforms.

If you have ever tried watching NFL broadcasts live you would know that it’s almost as hard as trying to find your way through a twisted and difficult maze. The platform and networks that air the NFL games, which are rated as the most watched sports on US media, are known to have struck a series of complicated rights deals with the NFL that allow them to broadcast particular matches on certain platforms in only a number of defined locations. To understand the specifics of these contracts and how they work is definitely beyond our understanding.

The weekend Sunday games are always an important deal, and are technically divided between the two media giants; CBS and Fox channel. NBS is given the rights to broadcast Sunday Night Football in addition to annual kickoff and primetime Thanksgiving games. ESPN is granted to host with the NFL Network airing games on Thursday nights, most of these games also being broadcasted on Fox, which gives CBS the next Super Bowl.

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Without confusing you with the twisted and confusing ways these games are split up, we will share a few different ways for you to watch NFL games live online that will certainly make this 2018-2019 NFL season memorable for you:

US mobile streaming

Introduced for the first time this year, a large majority of NFL games have been made available for you to stream online on your mobile via the NFL and Yahoo sports apps, that too free of cost. All of your favorite games including local and nationally aired primetime games like Sunday Night Football can be streamed free all across the US on apps like NFL, Verizon’s Yahoo sports, Tumbler and AOL. These apps might not work on your TV’s but you can access them on your iPhone and iPads as well can be accessed through Safari web browser.

Although if you are a fan of those not so common games and want to stream them online on your mobile or tablet; you will need to subscribe to a NFL RedZone subscription which costs only $4.99 per month.

Streaming on US cable network

If you happen to have invested in a cable subscription but for some reason aren’t near a television set during the NFL games, worry not! You can easily catch your favorite games live through the cable networks online streaming platforms. NBC Sports, Fox Sports and ESPN watch all allow you to stream games online. But the only limitation to this is that you will only be able to watch your hometown team games.

Although most cable network streams aren’t available on mobiles you can still access local TV channels like ESPN and NFL Network through online TV streaming applications.

Streaming the NFL games on broadcast channels

With the help of streaming applications you can now watch NFL games on broadcast channels. A majority of streaming platforms enable you to access local broadcasts channels to a certain extent. This access depends upon your location, so you will have to check with your preferred streaming platform to see if they allow access to your local channels.

Subscribing to CBA All Access

To make the 2018-2019 NFL season even more exciting, you can subscribe to CBS All Access and stream every game that is aired on CBS in their local markets at only $6 per month. In addition to this, you can also stream the Super Bowl on this platform.

Amazon has also started selling CBS All Access to its Prime Video members through their Channels Programs. With this you are able to access a large variety of numerous subscription services with the Prime Video app.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch

If you are a subscriber of Amazon’s $119-per-year Prime membership program you can simply stream Thursday night games this season. These are the same games that are broadcasted on Fox and NFL Network on the US TV. You can also access these games as well for free on Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform for video games.

These services aren’t just limited to Amazon Fire TV devices; you’ll be able to watch the games on any device which has an Amazon Prime Video app.

You can stream Thursday night games on Amazon in weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 15.

Streaming TV in the US

If you are a football fan living in the US and don’t own a subscription to Cable TV then you can still access the live games aired on CBS, Fox and NBC in certain markets. In addition to these you can also watch ESPN and the NFL network via various streaming-TV services.

  • AT&T’s DirecTV Now sells a package deal which includes the local channels in certain US markets, also ESPN and the NFL Network for $55 per month
  • Hulu’s offers a $40 per month live TV package which allows access to ESPN and live local partners in certain US markets.
  • Dish’s Sling TV allow you to access live Local Fox and NBC channels for $40 per month in limited US markets. This also includes ESPN and NFL network with the Sling Orange plus Sling Blue package deals.
  • Sony’s Playstation Vue approximately costs $50 per month and grants access to CBC, NBC and fox in limited US markets.
  • YouTube TV’s $40-per-month streaming package also includes CBS, Fox, NBC broadcasts in some markets, and ESPN.
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NFL Sunday Ticket; the All-Access Pass?

If you are looking for an all-access pass to the games, then the NFL Sunday Ticket is exactly the deal you are looking for.

NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription service which is offered by DirecTV and is probably the closest you can get to an all-access pass to the US NFL subscriptions. A bit costly at nearly $300 per season, it enables you to access all Sunday games including the ones that aren’t aired on your local stations. (Disclaimer: even though you won’t be able to watch games from hometown teams but you can still watch every other game)

For Fans outside the US: NFL Game Pass

If you are a NFL fanatic who happens to reside outside of the US; the NFL Game Pass is definitely going to be your savior! Available at $99 per season this platform provides access to every game.

NFL Game Pass will allow you to stream all of the 256 regular season games which include the playoffs, the Super Bowl and the cherry on top is that it offers on-demand viewing shortly after each game ends.

Even though streaming on Game Pass live is only limited to devices outside of the US, but the on-demand feature is available everywhere.

It’s available on Windows, iOS and Android, as well as on Xbox One, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. And it works with Chromecast, too.

For fans in Canada, the DAZN’s a sports service is offering live streaming of the NFL games at only $20 per month.