How to Make the Most of Your 20s

Have you just entered your 20s? Or, are you already in it? What have you done to show justice to it yet?

Your millennial age might be the most exciting time of your life. For many of you, this might be the time you just took the first steps into the vast unknown after your college. The glorious decade ahead of you will provide you with all the necessities you need and a perfect opportunity to find who you truly are. The 20s is a time period which is all about self-discovery.

Well, to contradict you are hatchlings who just found out there is a whole new world out of your eggshell. While perching and pondering on this newly discovered “promise land” many may fall and back out. But, you must always know giving up isn’t even an option. Many may call you pre-adults, emerging adults and much more, but always know that your 20s are also called as the “defining decade”. A calm and settled life is far in the future and you shouldn’t be worried about your future as for now. For the time being live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Well, if it’s a dancer you wanna be, just be one, or an own e-commerce website like Lijo Décor, start working for it right away or is it blogging career you are longing for, start by updating your resume.

The following listicle will guide you on how to make the most of your 20s…

1. Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone-how to be happy in your 20sYour comfort zone might exactly be the “black hole” which sucks and eradicates all your dreams. Well, the comfort zone is exactly a state that popped up in your mind where everything feels itsy bitsy easy without any hard work. If you take the example of any of the respected dignitaries in the world you feel successful, you can clearly see that they became famous for their strong perseverance and hard work.

So, the day you break out of your comfort zone, that’s the day when the world opens to you with abundant possibilities.

2. Push Away All the Clutters

Push Away All the Clutters-how to be happy in your 20sMost of us have come across noisy neighbors and critic relatives who always buzz you out by saying “why you did it”, “expected much more from you” and other boisterous clutters about their son or daughter and their bossy life. Well, we got one advice for you “Stop Giving a Sh*t on this stuff”. Don’t even let anyone manipulate or mess up your head.

If you are happy with the way your life is flowing, then stick to the current. After all, it’s your life. If you stop behind and try to satisfy each and every one, it will only hold you back in life and lags up you from achieving your goals.

3. Wanderlust

Wanderlust-how to be happy in your 20sYour 20s might be the perfect time to suppress your wanderlust. Pick a place and start packing your bags. The whole deal is about experiencing new culture and standards of living. Most of you might have a dream destination since childhood. And your 20s is the perfect time to visit them all. We aren’t trying to portrait that you can visit these places only in your 20s, but the thrill and energy you have in this age can’t be brought back when you are in your 40s or 50s.

Settling down isn’t something you need to be worried in the 20s. Leave it for the 30s and 40s. So, pick your destination whether it’s abroad or from your native country and get going. Try visiting all the 7 wonders of the world. This could really be the self-realization moment you longed for! Make sure you have all your traveling accessories prepared before you head out!

 4. Get Social

Get Social-how to improve your life in your 20sWell, if you are traveling a lot in your 20s, then this might be the best opportunity to build up your contacts. Introduce yourself to people from different countries and try learning their languages too. Don’t ever think that what good they can be in your life. Everyone had something to offer and socializing yourself will only benefit you.

There is a story behind every person. The story of his hard work, the fight for his dreams and much more. These memory fragments are something which is necessary to build up your character. Our technology has advanced to an extent where the adage “the sky is the limit” is left out in the dust. We are living in an era where you can get in touch with people across the whole world right at your fingertips. So, make use of your 20s to get connected to the network.

5. Mold Up the Revolutionary In You

Mold Up the Revolutionary In You-how to be happy in your 20sStaying and thinking different from others isn’t bad. And fighting for what you believe true will definitely nurture in creating your character. Never be afraid to be radical in your thoughts and action. Always remember young folks who fought for what they believed true gave you all the relaxations and freedom you are expressing now.

Push your boundaries and break your limits. People might laugh at you but, never back out from anything. Once you show them you are persistent and no plan in bucking out, they’ll join you.

6. Be and Stay Daunting

Be and Stay Daunting-how to improve your life in your 20sWhat are you scared of the most? Is it the heights or the water or even the darkness? Well, your 20s is the right time to step up and conquer all your fears. Be daunting from the tip of your toes. Never leave anything behind that you’ll regret. And you need to do something about all those adrenaline that pumps up in your body too right!

If you are scared of heights, go for skydiving. Join a swimming course if it’s the water you are scared of. Facing your fear will make you bolder and braver. Once you’ve gained the mental power to face your fears then everything will seem soo easy for you. Your decision-making skills will more accurate and you’ll start believing in yourself.

7. Be in Love

Be in Love-how to improve your life in your 20sIf you are searching for what’s the greatest and powerful emotion in the whole system, then it is without any doubt ‘Love’. The 20s can be a time where you can clearly lose control over you and fall in all things that you can think as “bad”. Well, if you are in love, the whole world turns blind. All you’ll care about will that one person who has motivated you in all your ups and downs, loved you even in your worst possible behavior and always clings along with you wherever you go.

Being in love with someone doesn’t mean that he/she is “the perfect one”. Don’t think about the future, just focus on living in the moment. This is perfect chance to find the person who really is and learn all your mistakes. Never weep on anyone who has left you. Learn from the situation and buckle up yourself for the next phase of your life.

8. Eat…Sleep…Drink…Repeat

Eat-Sleep-Drink-Repeat-how to improve your life in your 20sYour body’s metabolism will be the highest when you are in your 20s. These are the times when your body can burn up anything that you consume to pure energy. Well, where do you think you get the power and stamina to run a marathon right after your daily workout routine? But, this doesn’t mean you should gulp whatever which is kept on your plate. This is something you must be cautious as what you do will reflect in the future too. So, eat healthy to stay healthy.

Just like eating green and leafy is healthy for you, giving proper rest to your body is also a healthy practice. Never tire-out your body. As per the millennial-aged category, you must need a minimum of 7 hours sleep a day. Proper intake of fluids is also necessary. Well, the fluids mentioned above include water and other energy drinks though.

9. Never Text When You Are Drunk

Never Text When You Are Drunk-how to be happy in your 20sWell, even though most of you might deny, we do know the feeling of waking up sheepishly after an awkward conversation with your crush or even some forwarded message to your parents. Try to possibly avoid using your phone when you are drunk (well, at least try not to text anyone).


Your twenties opens up a world of new possibilities and opportunities. You won’t be able to avail them all, but sticking to what you believe you are good at and pursuing on the path towards will all your heart will clearly make you successful. Try to swim against the current instead of swimming along with it. The weirder you seem to people the more you get noticed.