how to get rich quick

There aren’t many of us who would turn down the opportunity to be rich and most of us spend our entire lives trying to hit the jackpot. Just imagine a life of luxury cars, huge houses, monthly vacations and chauffeur driven service, sounds nice right? Well, unless you have the skills to be a rock star like Mick Jagger, a business mogul like Evan Spiegel or a top neurosurgeon like Dr Joseph Yazdi  then you are going to need to find a get rich quick scheme.

Thankfully, we have a few for you to try out, the odds of success might be low but if you are willing to take the gamble then here are some ways that you could get very rich, very quickly.

Playing the Lotto

You may have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than to hit the lotto but hey, someone has to win it right? Lottery jackpots vary from state to state, but you can often find jackpots of upwards of $50 million or more if you are lucky.

A recent Powerball jackpot rolled over several times until it hit the $1.6 billion mark, there were three winning tickets which saw each winner pocket a cool $582 million, not bad for a one buck ticket. Your chances may be low, but if you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t expect to win the prize.

Marry Into Money

It may be a far cry from the love and romance that you were searching for but believe it or not there are many people out there who seek to get rich by way of love and equally, divorce.

If you are prepared to sacrifice your dreams of romance for a bank balance, then you could begin your search for someone with and then find ways to woo them into your trap. Should it all go wrong once you are married, then you could be set to pocket a substantial amount.

Formula 1 guru Bernie Ecclestone was forced to pay $1.2 billion following his divorce from wife Slavica and Jocelyn Wildenstein was the benefactor of a divorce settlement of $3.8 billion following her divorce from husband Alec. Heartless? Yes, recommended? No, get rich quick? Absolutely.

Head to The Casino

If you are feeling lucky then why not gather your life savings and try out a go-for-broke night at the casino. If you are really feeling lucky then why not place all of your hard earning money on red or black. If you win, then do it again, and again until your are showered in money.

They say that the house always wins, but this is only true, say, 90% of the time leaving you with a 10% chance of heading home with millions in your pocket.

This is a brave strategy that could leave you broke, on the other hand, however, it could leave you very rich indeed, the key is not to go back to the casino once you’ve made your millions else you may find yourself back to square one.