How To Avoid A Traffic Ticket

Believe it or not, there are some people prone to traffic violations, whether they are guilty or not. For instance, they can be traveling down the interstate, following all the road rules, but still get pulled over a law enforcement officer. During the occurrence, the police officer will write the unfortunate driver a citation for speeding. While this seems like a rare occurrence, it happens more times than you would think. Below, you will discover several tips on how to avoid a traffic ticket.

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Obey Road Rules :

Before you are permitted to drive on a public road or highway, you must pass a written driving skills exam. This exam consists of roughly 30 questions about the rules of the road. Before you take the exam, you are given a DOS driver handbook that explains the rules of the rules, tips on how to safe while driving and information about common criminal traffic violations.

By the time you are ready to take the test, you will be familiar with all the above topics. So, you will have no excuses why not to obey the rules of the road.

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Take A Defensive Driving Course :

A defensive driving course is a great option for beginners and veteran drivers. While city and state rules of the road do not change very often, it never hurts to stay up-to-date. Not only will undergoing defensive driving course help you improve your driving skills, but it will also help you save money on your car insurance. Many auto insurers will offer their clients a 10 percent savings, just for having a defensive driving certificate. The course will help you learn to make more informed decisions and anticipate different situations, while driving on public highways and county roads.

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Always Wear A Seatbelt :

If you want to stay safe, in the event you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you should always wear your seatbelt. By doing this, you will be decreasing your risks of injury, but also keeping yourself from getting ticketed for violation of the seat belt law. If you have small children or other passengers in your vehicle, urge them to wear their seatbelt, as well. If they refuse make them get out of the vehicle, because the risks and dangers will always fall back into the driver’s lap.

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Make Sure The License Plate Is Visible :

Not only are you responsible for paying your motor vehicle taxes on time, but you must also make sure the license plate is visible to law enforcement. If needed, you may need to wipe the license plate down after each use, especially if you frequent onto dirt or muddy roads. Just make sure the plate is visible to all police officers, because if they cannot visibly see the digits and letters clearly, they will pull you over. When you pay your motor vehicle taxes, you will either receive a new license plate or a substitute sticker, along with a duplicate vehicle registration card.

Before placing the sticker on the license plate, be sure to wipe the area down with an alcohol pad. If it falls off, you will be responsible for replacing it, plus you may not even find out until you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer.