Millions of people of all ages around the world enjoy video and online gaming. For many, it offers an exciting way to fill up leisure time or to improve hand to eye coordination. One thing that you might not know, however, is that studies have shown that gaming, from online gaming to bingo games can keep the brain sharp and agile as well.

Scientists have shown a direct correlation between gaming and the stimulation of growth of new neurons within the brain. Bingo, in particular, helps stimulate memory, strategic planning and can enhance functions such as attention. Here are some more amazing ways that you’re enhancing your brain health whenever you play bingo online.

Bingo Can Assist in Attention Skills

Bingo and other games can improve areas of the brain that are related to attention. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, those who play bingo and other video games show improvement in sustained, divided and selective attention skills. “Improvements in bottom-up and top-down attention, optimization of attentional resources, integration between attentional and sensorimotor areas, and improvements in selective and peripheral visual attention.”

Bingo Can Enhance Memory Function

According to research conducted at King’s College’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Neuroscience in London and the University of Southampton found that by playing games such as bingo online patients could keep the areas of the brain that govern both reasoning and memory skills sharp. A separate study conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society showed that patients age 50 and older who regularly played games like bingo, for example. While it is not a guaranteed prevention for the onset of dementia or the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, those who participated in the study that regularly played games like bingo showed far greater cognitive function over time for everyday tasks and retention of memory than those who didn’t play.

Bingo Can Sharpen Reasoning & Cognitive Skills

Keeping up with the bingo caller and playing bingo games which require making a pattern or picture on the card can all help players keep their brains sharp.  By playing bingo, it’s possible to become more adept at memory, planning and use of peripheral vision – especially when you are playing several cards at the same time. Bingo is ideal in increasing the brain’s overall flexibility and reasoning skills. Studies have found that for every age level, by simply playing online games like bingo, for example, for as little as fifteen or thirty minutes at a time, study participants showed significant improvement in maintaining their cognitive health.

Playing Bingo Can Help Create Increased Social Skills

No matter what your age, playing bingo is usually done in the presence of others. Whether you choose to play bingo at your local bingo hall or online, those who do play regularly enjoy enhanced social interactions and can develop lasting friendships. Even playing online it is possible to develop long-term friendships that can last for years! By having others to play games and interact with has also been shown to encourage greater empathy and can help to reduce loneliness and depression for those who play regularly. Most online bingo sites have chat features that allow you to talk to friends, family and fellow players even while in the comfort and safety of their own home.