Horse Racing Event

Breeders’ Cup 2018

The Breeders Cup World Championship operated by Breeders’ Cup Limited takes place on a grand level annually. The 2-day World Championship is an extremely popular event. As of 2018, the prize money for this championship has become a whopping total of over $30 million.

Being one of the most anticipated horse racing events, the fans are curious for seeing their favorite horse on the lead. It’s not only about the craziness, but also the betting buzz spread around.

Bewitching Experience

Breeders’ Cup is going to be held on 2 November 2018 and 3 November 2018 at Church Hill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. So, who will win the Breeders Cup? How will you get the tickets for this event to have a live experience? Well, questions like this might be ruling your minds now. So, just keep your curiosity levels high for the excitement of Breeders’ Cup. The game is on!

If you are the one who is interested in experiencing the horse racing with winning golds, ticket booking is on. This is because you will have the ultimate experience there as being spectators you can choose from a variety of premium dining options. Along with this, the feeling of witnessing the live racing is just paramount.

History of Breeders’ Cup

Started in 1984, this event involves horses and milers from all across the globe. They came together to complete and to prove that who is the best.

Moreover, the authentic bronze Breeders’ Cup Trophy is the reproduction of the original Torrie horse. The horse in the late 1580s was created in Florence by Giovanni da Bologna. This trophy is inspired by the influence of Leonardo da Vinci during that time.

Renowned Celebrities

This glamorous event attracts many famous celebrities from every corner of the globe. Celebrities from entertainment industries and many other never let go off this event. The VIP crowd assembles to witness the world’s finest racehorses competition on the US track.

The Wealthy Ambassadors

The Breeders’ Cup Ambassadors involve 15 celebrity racing fans along with the owners. This prestigious international event honors the ambassadors with opulent rewards. Breeders’ Cup ambassadors include Bobby Flay, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Upton, Michael Owen, and Toby Keith.

Fun with Wagering

Predictions will help you out for making a decision. This is because once you have decided that who will win the breeders cup this year, then just bet for your best Breeder Cup picks. Your Breeder Cup picks might lead you to an exceptionally great reward. So, if you are an enthusiastic bettor then go ahead, with your wagering and play to win.


This is a special tip to all you bettors, that follow the picks of the betting winners of previous years gambles. Use all your brains, act smartly, and this way, you are never going to lose.

The Ultimate Fashion Event

Fashion being the supreme part of Breeders’ Cup makes the whole event even more enthralling to watch and experience. No matter, how far one is from Louisville, the best way to feel as if you are a part of the real action is by watching it on television. So, overall the event features world-class horses, jockeys, trainers, and not only this, but also the best fashion, food, and parties.

The stylish dresses of women complemented with a stunning fascinator or hat is just amazing to see. Men flaunt their personalities with a suit, bowtie, pocket square, and fedora. Hence, the Breeders’ Cup is a complete package event that attracts spectators from all around the world.

So, this Breeders’ Cup is going to be as classic as possible.