Make Home Cleaning Simple Using These Amazing Secrets

Cleaning your house can be perceived as a difficult chore, but things become a lot easier once you learn certain tricks. This article will show you some simple tips that will make the cleaning process a lot easier. You’ll never go back to your old cleaning routine. Adding modern touches makes it better.

Use vinegar for your microwave

Cleaning your microwave can be done with the help of a solution made out of vinegar and water. Add it to a bowl and turn on the microwave. The vinegar will end up steam cleaning it and you’ll just have to wipe the inside afterward.

Make your floors sparkle with this homemade solution

While home cleaning professionals can be hired to clean your floors perfectly, this does not mean that you can’t handle this task on your own. There is a simple homemade hardwood floor cleaner that you can prepare yourself. You just need some castile soap and vinegar, combined with other ingredients. You can find plenty of recipes online.

Cleaning your air vents

It is simple to clean your air vents if you use a butter knife that is wrapped in cloth. This can be used in order to reach the small spaces in the air vent. It is the best way to clean all the dirt and the dust from your vents.

Window tracks

It is simple to get rid of the grime and dirt existing in your window tracks if you use a solution made out of white vinegar and baking soda. A toothbrush can be the perfect tool for this process. Your window tracks will become clear in no time.

Use a paintbrush for your toaster

If you want to clean your toaster but you can’t reach all the small places, a paintbrush could help you. You just need some vinegar and dish soap and all the dirt will disappear.

Take care of your washing machine

Remember that your washing machine requires cleaning as well. There is a simple four-step method that you can use. You should complete one cycle just with bleach. This will help you sanitize the machine. Then a second cycle should use vinegar in order to dissolve the soap scum. Finally, you can clean the washer by using some scrubbing pads.

Cleaning your stove burners

It isn’t too difficult to clean your stove burners once you use this simple tip. You’ll have to use zip lock bags and a cup of ammonia. You will have to let the burners soak overnight and in the morning they will be squeaky clean.

Pine-sol for your toilet brush container

Adding a bit of Pine-Sol in your brush container can help you deodorize your bathroom and the lemon smell will bring a fresh vibe to your bathroom. Additionally, Pine-Sol will disinfect you’re your toilet brush.