Gifts for Your Loved One

Looking for gifts for the most important woman in your life can feel like a challenge, you want a thoughtful, romantic gift that she deserves and will treasure. Whether your significant other is your girlfriend, fiancée or wife, the annual 14 February celebrations are the ones you really do want to get right. Here we’ve put together the superior man’s guide when looking for Valentine’s Day gifts. There are gifts that will match what your partner loves and values, which can fit in with where you are in life, whether that be planning a trip together, learning a new skill or settling into a new home. Trust your instincts, and you will find the best presents to choose from our list.

Air travel

There’s nothing more romantic than a trip away together to spark up the romance and let the love of your life know how much you adore her. The gift of air travel is a wonderful option when it comes to spending quality time together. You can try sites such as Skyhour, which is a gifting platform that allows you to give and receive air travel time in the form of skyhours. One skyhour is equal to one hour in the sky, on any flight. If you’re struggling with coming up with the perfect gift for your loved one, look no further!

I love you to the moon and back

A customised map of the stars aligned at the moment you met, the first time you said “I love you” or any of your relationship milestones is a romantic gift for any woman. She’ll be amazed that you have remembered the date so clearly, which indicates to her just how important she is to you, from that time forward.

Eternity Roses

Romantic roses can last all year round, not just for a few days before they look a bit tired and past their prime. Have beautifully preserved roses artfully displayed under a glass dome or geodome that will need to water, sunlight or additional care, which last up to 10 years. You can even have the petals in a colour of your choice or even a rainbow of colours.  For a rose that will last forever, a freshly picked single stem rose dipped into precious metal or preserved with gilding is something that will truly last forever.

Remembering your wedding vows

There are many calligraphers who can preserve your wedding vows as a beautiful and romantic work of art which can act as a reminder to you both of your wedding day and lasting love. Pick a gold frame to add some sparkle to the words. Whichever room in the house you keep this, there is something quite beautiful about sharing these words each day. If you are not married, why not write a few words to show her how much she means to you. If you’re not much of a writer, choose some lines from your favourite song, because that’s poetry too, it’s just put to music.

Flowers on subscription

Women love flowers, and they are simply one of the most romantic gifts.  Why not make this a regular event for fresh flowers to be delivered weekly, monthly or less often? These can be seasonal cut flowers, potted plants or for those who are not green-fingered you can order a regular delivery of air-plant that come in fine gravel and a handmade terrarium so that you can build a collection of plants that need very little care.

Luxury silk pyjamas

Make your lady feel the luxury of a set of silk pyjamas. These are great for relaxing at home when she just wants a lazy day whilst still looking good if she needs to answer the door. There are also some cute fleece pyjama sets for cuddling up to you. If you both want to go out and find some sexy G-strings or want to try out some sexy corsets together then do so, make an afternoon of it, have lunch or go for a meal and drink later.

Caffeine high

If your lady loves her coffee, the gift of a home coffee maker of such quality that it prepares the coffee at the perfect temperature and a hot plate that ensures it is always at its best. For a guaranteed cup of smooth, flavoursome coffee from a machine of beauty and precision, you cannot go far wrong. Alternatively, a French press pot in her favourite colour is also a lovely gift, particularly if it is from luxury brand Le Creuset.

Scented Candles

Smells are so evocative, and scented candles can transform a room into a soothing place, make your home welcoming to guests with their floral, citrus and other scents. Consider something unusual that you know she will like or buy a selection.  More unusual scents can be that of dark rum, or lime and sea salt for those who love to be by the ocean or perhaps one with a subtle scent of vine tomatoes. You can even buy a candle with the scent of ‘bookstore’ made from a blend of driftwood, mahogany, coffee, and a hint of leather, perfect for those who love reading.

Weekender Bag

There is space in every woman’s life for a new bag. A sleek and sophisticated bag for a spontaneous weekend away can be made even more special with tickets or a token hidden inside for when you are taking her to one of her favourite spots for a night or two. She may already have given you a hint of what she likes when out shopping, glancing in shop windows but walking on as perhaps she feels she cannot justify such a treat for herself.