Watching movies can be considered as the most preferred form of entertainment in the present world. It has helped filmmaking to become a multi-million dollar industry. The technology of the world is developing at a rapid pace and the filmmakers tend to seek the assistance of modern technology in order to move the filmmaking industry to another dimension. The success of a film depends on the video equipment that was used to create the film. With the development of technology, new cameras are coming to the market and filmmakers in every corner of the world tend to use those new cameras. The prices of filmmaking cameras are becoming more affordable for the convenience of filmmakers. It has assisted them to produce a quality film with advance effects in a convenient way. Therefore the new cameras can defined as the future of filmmaking.

In the past, the cameras relied on celluloid to record details that are taken in through reflected light. This is a layer containing chemicals that reacts to sunlight and it has the ability to capture images with a good resolution. Today we can find computer sensors inside cameras which can capture videos at a very high resolution. Leading camera makers in the world like Canon, Red and Nikon promote DSLR filmmaking because they can help the filmmakers to create high quality videos at an affordable price. A revolutionary change occurred in filmmaking industry within the last year with the invention of Black magic cinema camera.

Black magic camera was released to the market in April and now it has become a DSLR killer in the filmmaking industry. Priced at around $3000, the Black magic cinema camera is a fraction of the cost of most cinema quality cameras. The black magic is capable of recording 2.5k raw footage, which is more than enough for the average home users. At almost twice the size of HD, cinema makers can create high quality videos at an affordable price with the help of Black Magic cinema camera.

Black magic cameras can also help the post production overflow. The editing and color grading process takes place after shooting, which gives a much wider range of colors to work with. The final output can be customized according to the preferences of the producer with the help of this technology. For example, you can make a cloudy day look sunny with the help of Black magic and other advanced software which come with it. The lenses of these cameras are more advanced than the DSLR lenses. Even though Black magic cameras are loaded with a variety of new and advanced features, they are extremely easy to handle and it will be good news for the future of film making. With the ongoing trend, it can be predicted that the future of film making can be convenient and affordable for the filmmakers. It will produce more advanced and innovative movies to the movie fans in the near future.

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