Instagram Followers

When you want free Instagram followers, you have a lot of options at your disposal for doing precisely this. Granted, no method of getting followers without paying for them is going to be instant, and you may not always get the best quality level of followers. But sometimes social proof is worth the entire process.

People tend to go with “the group.” If a person has a tiny number of followers, it is tempting to think that they are not really that great. Or worse, that they are so new that you would be dealing with an unknown quantity. Following someone without a lot of followers can even feel like it could come back on you. This is why having a larger number that helps you to “make critical mass” is extremely important.

Meeting People

There are several ways that meeting people can help with your success on Instagram. You can meet them in person, post on their blogs, reach out to their account, and even do joint ventures together. In all of these cases, you can link yourself up with the right people and get noticed in the best possible way.

In every instance, you want to make sure that you are very visible in your connection to the right other people. All of these people need to make sure to tag you, you need to get a byline if you do a guest post for them, and in every way, you have to talk each other up. After all, there is no sense allying yourself with someone if nobody knows how great this other person is.

Keeping on Grinding

One popular expression for the way you have to go about your work is, “rise and grind.” From the moment you get up every day, you have to be working on your marketing. You need to have the research down, be on the cusp of what is popular right now and know what to avoid. This naturally implies that you already have your target market picked out, and that you already know these people fairly well.

You also need to be posting with a fair level of consistency. If you are posting on a regular basis, and at a predictable time of the day, the people you are trying to reach will eventually figure out that you are out there. Naturally, you still have to reach out in order to expand your overall reach, but people prefer folks who are consistent and who stick to what they are doing. Anyone could just post a couple of times and then disappear.

Signing Up for the Right Sites

There are a lot of services that surround Instagram, waiting to charge you money for followers. If you have the budget and do not mind that many of these followers are just pretend profiles, this is okay. But when you want to conserve your budget, you may want to be careful about which sites you sign up with. There are sites like Incentafan that let you have free followers, which can be good all around.