Are you guys planning to change your address? If Yes, then don’t forget to take some important steps. One of those important steps is informing the Postal Service (USPS) about this move because it is the one who delivers your every mail and packages to you. So, if you don’t inform it about the new address or your move, then how are you going to get the mail delivered to you at your new address?

Once you inform the US Postal Service about this move, they will start forwarding your mail to your new address. So, the question is How! How are you going to inform the Postal Service about this change? Well, it’s quite simple. You just have to fill a change of address form.

The change of address form can be filled and submitted in various ways or methods. Let’s go through some methods to do so, and whichever you find good for you, you can go with that:

No wonder that the most used method for submitting the change of address order is the Online method because it’s time efficient. You can submit your order very quickly if you go with this method. Visit the USPS main site ( to start with it, and click on the Change of Address option that is under Track & Manage category. After clicking on the option, read the statement given on the page carefully and then click on Continue.

You will see two options in the starting, Permanent and Temporary. Choose any one of these two options according to your move. If you are moving for a few days or month, then select the Temporary option and if moving for always, then select the Permanent option. All the further details are easy to fill. You need to select your move type, the forwarding date, name, address, contact details, etc. For identity check, you will need to enter your debit or credit card details. It will charge you $1 only. It’s for security purpose. After filling and selecting all the details, confirm your order.

This is all you need to do if you go with the online method. If you want to save your $1 or make sure about your order, then you should visit the local post office. There, you can submit your order by filling PS Form 3575. It’s the change of address form. After finishing it up, hand over the form to the clerk and your job is done, but don’t forget to check the working hours and USPS holidays before visiting the post office because it might be a holiday on the same day.

If you are a regular customer of other package delivery companies like FedEx or UPS, then you should inform them too. Before visiting the store, find out the working days. Also, find out does FedEx deliver on Sunday or does UPS deliver on Sunday.

The customers can also do one more thing; they can request the Postal Service to send the change of address form to them through the mail carrier. For this, call 1-800-275-8777.

These are the methods to submit the change of address order. Once your order is processed, all your mail will be forwarded to your new address. So, pick any of the methods given above and try it yourself.

You can also download the USPS Mobile app which is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It will help you to do more like you can use the USPS hold mail service, track packages, ship online, buy stamps, schedule a pickup, etc.