It’s summertime! This means bright and happy days for businesses, so be ready with your best giveaways to attract more customers and investors.

Everyone is optimistic and excited about summer events. This is the perfect time to hold social media contests and give cool prizes to your new and loyal customers.

But what do customers like as summer giveaways? What are the effective and appealing items available online?

Check out these best giveaway ideas for summer so you can enjoy and make your marketing efforts successful.

Beauty and Cosmetic Products

When finding the best giveaway this summer, keep in mind that consumers like something practical, useful, and worth keeping. Many women want to save money with beauty and cosmetic products by checking free websites, as well as famous cosmetic brand websites, to get free makeup samples. Also, women take advantage of coupons to get the biggest discounts.

If your target audiences are women, then giving away beauty and cosmetic products is a good idea because makeup kits appeal to women of all ages.

Here are some beauty and/or cosmetic products that consumers love:

  • Lipstick: Women nowadays are crazy about lipstick giveaways, most especially matte lipsticks for longer-lasting wear.
  • Eyebrow Liner: Millenials love to shape and define eyebrows, and the latest craze is a tattoo eyebrow liner for natural-looking eyebrows. A dual-ended precision eyebrow brush is also a must-have for women who love well-defined eyebrows.
  • Eyeshadow Palette: Women love to experiment with different colors of eyeshadow in order to highlight the best asset of the face. Eyeshadow palette is certainly a must-have in one’s makeup kit.

Cool Wearables

Everybody wants to be healthy and fit, so giving a cool wearable is surely a good idea. Be ready with your business summer giveaway page by adding a countdown timer announcing the big summer event of the year with cool wearables, like smartwatches, to be given away. And why not? Summertime is the best time to lose weight, and consumers will surely relate to your theme, wanting the best prizes and best brands of smartwatches.

Here are some examples of cool wearables consumers want to receive from businesses:

  • Fitness Tracking Bands: Social media users love gadgets and wearables, that’s why the best marketing strategy for any business is giving away fitness tracking bands, like Fitbit, Nike, and Garmin.
  • Smartwatches: Android Wear and Apple Watch are sought by social media fanatics, who would love to share positive experiences using such business giveaway.
  • Smart Glasses: Google Lens are examples of smart glasses that are cool wearables too to enter the virtual world with a bang.

Summer Outfit and Sports Equipment

One of the best prize bundles includes summer outfit and sports equipment, which include swimsuits, broad hats, tents, barbecue grill, and even sports gear.

It’s also a great option if your business is not locally operating because you can quickly ship these items to different places.

Here are the best summer and sports gear giveaway ideas:

  • Sports Gear (gloves and caps): If you’re engaged in a service type of business, such as plumbing, electrical, or professional firms, run a summer page on your website and offer summer freebies for your successful clients this summer.
  • Camping Tent or Barbecue Grill: For businesses involving selling bulky or heavy products, like furniture items, machines, engines, or gardening equipment, you can include a free camping tent or barbecue grill to the delivery as a way of expressing your gratitude to your customers.

Kitchen Items

The general public loves kitchen items giveaway because kitchen utensils are practical, useful, and needed daily. Cutting boards, peelers, spice containers, kitchen napkins, plates, and other kitchen tools make great giveaways, most especially for home-related businesses.

Here are the best kitchen giveaways this summer:

  • Kitchen tongs for cooking barbecue and other grilled food.
  • Pitchers for refreshing shakes and fruit juices for the family.
  • Ice cream molders to keep children chill during the hot summertime.

Gift Certificate

If you don’t want to spend time packing, shipping, or delivering your summer giveaways, gift certificates are your best options. Gift certificates can be taken advantage of, especially if you have an extensive product line. Your new and loyal customers can choose the best products that are useful and appealing to them.

Your Products

One of the best summer giveaway ideas is giving top of the line products to customers and employees. Consumers are happy to be brand advocates when they feel valued or appreciated, making your business successful.


Your summer giveaways don’t have to be expensive or something big, as long as you give freebies with the right strategy and timing, and something relevant and useful to your target audience.

Choose something consumers can relate with and something useful and memorable. Spend quality time this summer and remember to always stay positive with your marketing strategies by choosing the right giveaways for your business success.