4 Fashion Items that are worth the Splurge

Let’s face it – our shopping sprees are usually accompanied by the sense of shame and guilt because we’re aware that we’re going to spend more than we planned. Also, we have this tendency to buy fashion items we might never wear again. This statement goes double for female shoppers who usually use their wallets as an excuse to go on a buying binge more often since they believe it can make them feel better about themselves. But what if we told you there are four fashion items are totally worth the splurge and that you can’t avoid the post-shopping depression if you get them – even if you ante up more? Moreover, having some of these can also do wonders for your self-esteem and thus help you find a perfect date on some of those cowboy dating sites you’re regularly visiting, believe it or not.

Either way, you can read the following paragraphs and decide it for yourself.

#1 Awesome pair of boots

An expensive pair of quality boots is a must for so many reasons. First, footwear mustn’t fall into the category of your fast buys because you’d want something that will endure at least a few seasons. In this sense, owning designer boots can provide you precisely what you need, both regarding sophisticated design and practicality.  And an exceptional manufacturer can deliver exactly that. Finally, cheap copies just can’t compete with real deal as they can cause you some annoying medical issues such as blisters.

Suggestion: Women’s Wellin Leather Chelsea Boots from Replay that

present the modern twist on classic cowboy boots.

#2 Statement Bag

Believe it or not, many designer bags are entirely hand-made, and this consequently affects those dizzying prices we get to see in luxury shops and boutiques. On the other hand, this also means that manufacturers select only the most exquisite pieces of materials that will then be used to create refined bags that are intended to last for a long, long time. Trends, however, inevitably shift from season to season but there are still some undying bags out there which can be a significant long-term investment. Finally, the fact is that a woman creates a sort of a bond with her favorite bag, which means that you won’t be overly concerned about the trends once you get the chance to purchase your personal statement bag.

Suggestion: Speedy Bandoulière 25 by Louis Vuitton is a synonym of timeless elegance by all standards.

#3 High-quality Lingerie

Aside from the comfort and the overall sense of pleasure against our skin, Italian or French sets of lingerie can also do wonders for our total confidence, in spite of the fact these aren’t visible parts of our outfit. That is in tight relation with the fact that good underwear can play an essential role in shaping our figure by covering those few extra pounds that have been giving us so much headache lately. Last, but not the least, women experience more sexual confidence when they’re wearing something they genuinely like, and that also applies to undergarments.

Suggestion: Lindie Bra in Black/Nude combo by Agent Provocateur is a perfect choice for every lady who’s looking to get in touch with her inner sensuality.

#4 Cool Jacket

Regardless of whether we’re talking about a timeless biker jacket or a structured one-breasted blazer that happens to be all the rage this year, every woman out there needs a reliable sheath that will fit any occasion. All the way from having a drink al fresco to company events where she can prove that style is nothing but a natural extension of her already fantastic personality, an haute couture jacket can really mean a difference between average and impressive.

Suggestion: Saint Laurent’s interpretation of a classic biker jacket is suitable for every season and can add an exciting touch to almost any outfit.

Do you happen to have any of these in your wardrobe? Which expensive brand is your personal favorite? We would love to hear from you!