Intimidating Awes, envious eyes and surprising stares would now haunt you. Preview the Gold haram models with the price at the comfort of your home through Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. Harams ranging from plain gold to gemstones, diamonds to temple, antique to polkis; we have it all. Choose from a plethora of designs from our exclusive haram collection.

Gold Haram: Plain gold harams have always been alluring brides. They come in a lot of design ranges and weights. Gold Harams traditionally are made with peacock motifs or with paisley’s. They are also the most purchased item by the brides to be. In totality, a gold haram gives a fulfillment effect to the attire.

Diamond Haram: Diamond Haram are best described as ethereal pieces as they carry the glitter of the occasion. They best fit with a Kanjeevaram saree wherein diamond Harams would bring out the beauty of the adorner in the most fascinating way. The backdrop designs of a diamond haram are usually filled with florals, bold mesh designs and intricate handiwork of Karigars.

Antique Haram: Antique harams are another jewellery supplements that completes the look. Bridal antique harams are fast gaining popularity for their contemporary design and for the charm they bring out while worn. The beauty of antique harams is brought out by the oxidization which gives it a relic look.

Polki Haram: Polki Harams are usually populated with design, gemstones, peacocks, paisley motifs with a large central locket beholding the chain from either end. Polki haram or the uncuts have become a bridal choice in the recent times. They match well with fusion and contemporary attire and above all Pachi harams elevate a bride’s beauty by a hundred fold.

Navratna Haram: Do not wait for a perfect occasion; instead make one with the all-new Navratna Harams. Beat the polarities in a big way, don the navratna haram as a solitaire piece and flaunt your style quotient with confidence. The hidden charming factor of navratna haram is that you can match it with every attire with grace and poise.

Temple Haram: Bring home the ancient sculptures through our temple harams. Jewellery editions which you can’t afford to miss are now available online with us. Shop from the comfort of your home for temple harams and bring home the pleasure of a handmade item. Temple harams are chiselled to perfection by the most experienced karigars for months together; hence every piece is made as an epitome of art.

Ruby Emerald Haram: A classic ceremonial piece with the reputation that it would match with any contemporary attire is credited to only a Ruby Emerald haram. It is a time honored jewellery item that has not lost its sheen to its successors. A ruby emerald haram matches with every occasion small or big. It is also not age specific and can be worn by everyone.

Having looked into the types of Harams, let us now look into the complimentary item to accessorize the Haram with. It’s none other than the Earrings. They say “A girl can never have enough Earrings”; the latest of all the trends is to match gold earrings with everyday attire. Unlike our previous generations where gold was bought only during special occasions, gold is now purchased for accessorizing with every costume, occasion, season, festival and at times because of the attractive offers.

Earrings are the first in the list, for their ease in buying and affordability. When you browse online for Gold earrings with price, a huge list of options will be available to choose from.

Author: Rajeswari